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Network queries

VOXI problems

1: Seeker

I recently switched from 3 to Voxi, and my account was finalised and activated on Monday morning.  However, I've had nothing but problems since, and have spent hours already with Voxi advisors trying to resolve.


The signal strength constantly varies from strong to no service, despite the phone being in exactly the same place, and spends much of the time unable to make or receive calls.  The data is completely unreliable - it keeps losing a data connection entirely, and can only be resolved by constantly cycling the connections on the phone - or switching airplane mode on and off etc.


Advisors have gone through multiple resetting of settings, manually and automatically selecting networks, and constant re-boots... I'm left with the only conclusion that the service is just dire and no way fit for purpose... has anyone had similar experience and been able to resolve?

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VOXI shares Vodafone's network and I'd like to take a closer look into what may be causing this with your signal @STEVIEMCC.

So I can do this, please let me know your results from our network troubleshooting template - this is towards the bottom of the page I've linked :Smiling: I'll then be able to help.

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