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VoLTE availability

10: Established

Message for Colleen,


Hi Colleen,


Thank you for your reply.


Why is it that I had this reply previously?


@JamesBond The Sony Xperia XZ does support VoLTE (4G Calling). 

You'd be able to get one of our great SIM only plans, alongside this device, and still benefit from VoLTE. 

You just need to make sure you choose one of our Red plans from our SIM only deals - I'd recommend one of our Red Entertainment plans so you're also able to take advantage of this offer and pick between Spotify Premium, Sky Sports Mobile TV or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass 😉


If you're unsure if the plan you want includes VoLTE, simply click Choose plan and on the next screen you'll see a box the same as this. 

As shown in the picture of our 40GB Red Entertainment plan, 4G calling is ticked off, meaning it's available on this plan and if you've got a compatible device ✅


If there's anything else you're unsure about, be sure to post back on this thread and we'll be happy to assist further 😊




The message that this implies, is that the Sony Xperia XZ ( unlocked ) which I have been enquiring about does have VOLTE capabilities, and now the replies are not too clever.  I am very disappointed to say the least.

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4: Newbie

Thanks Natasha, To be honest with my work i travel around quite a bit and it has actually surprised me a lot how much of the Vodafone 4G coverage is VOLTE enabled and as the website stands at the moment you are very much underselling it as its available so widely.


I have used it so far in and around 

Leicester(Pretty much everywhere)

Northampton( Everywhere)

Birmingham ( Everywhere)

London (Everywhere)








I am sure there are a lot more places and i look forward to seeing a full list soon.

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@JamesBond Thanks for raising this to us, I understand that some of the information is conflicting and can be confusing!
We've raised this to our specialist team so we can get the SIM only website amended.
To be able to use the 4G calling feature, the phone (as well as the plan) would need to be purchased directly from us. 
@Uno28 I'm glad to see you're enjoying VoLTE! It seems like you're making great use out of it 

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4: Newbie

It is ridiculous that phones which are not purchased through Vodafone will not get 4G calling. This is poor customer service and as usual nothing is clear until someone started raising the issue here.


I will be leaving Vodafone again next year to move to a provider which will support VoLTE and VoWifi.

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10: Established

Message for John - The Moderator.


Sir, I would like to have a SIm only contract in February and a Sony XZ Premium.  Is it possible to purchase the Sony XZ Premium version  ( PAYG version ) and insert the sim card in and have 4G Calling?  Will it work?  I would want a 100% guarantee and I would require that the mobile is unlocked.





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4: Newbie

Natasha- Do you have any update when the team are going to update the site with more supported devices and also a full list where you can use the service ?


As a side note not sure if there is currently some problems with VOLTE as both myself with S8 and colleague with XZ Premium have for the last few days been having a problem where during a 4G call the call will drop even though you at static and have full 4G signal. This happens anything from 1 minute into the call upto 15 mins last night

This has happened to me in a few different places now like Leicester,Birmingham and Manchester all at different times of the day. If you call back the call connects fine and can continue the conversation 

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