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Network queries

WS1 1NS - Walsall Town Centre

4: Newbie



Please can you provide the following informationfor site ref: 4416 (Townend House, Walsall, WS1 1NS)


I am closely located to this site (4g signal strength of -78 on average, very strong), but for the past 4 weeks i am consistently only getting 5mbps upload and download speeds.


Is there a problem with this site as nothing is showing on your status page.


Secondly apart from 800mhz (Band 20), do you provide another frequency for 4g from this site i.e. 2100mhz (Band 1)


The speeds and latency at times is very poor and i am getting a very strong signal.....

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@iar1980 Thanks for you post 🙂

I've checked Site 4416 and it appears to be performing correctly, with no known errors. 

This site only provides 4G on 800MHz frequency, however you should still achieve good upload and download speeds. 

If you'd like us to look into this for you, please contact us using the link in the private message I've sent. 

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@iar1980 - Our network engineers have finished their investigations and have advised the sites in the area, will need to be upgraded to help with the congestion.

We don’t have a date for this as yet. Although it should be happening in the near future! ☺️

Please keep a look out for any planned updates via our Network status checker.

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