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Network queries

Where can I get technical support on how Vodafone's support for TLS over TCP/IP varies?

2: Seeker


I'm experiencing very varied network performance when using different vodafone sim types to access an Apache server in AWS. The new 20GB business sims are universally appalling in terms of HTTP POST times.  Wireshark is showing some quite unexpected retransmissions of packets, with TCP connections not being torn down properly for up to a minute.

Other providers seem more consistent.


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Hi @abend If you require technical support, you can ask to speak with members of our Tech team by calling us on 191 or online through our Live Chat team, the team will be happy to look into the issues you're having connecting and run diganostics to help resolve these.

We'd also be able to help with any query you have via Facebook at Vodafone UK, or through Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK. As we don't offer an immediate reply through our social channels, it may take a little longer to resolve any issues you have.

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