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Network queries

WiFi calling no longer working

2: Seeker


i have an iPhone X on iOS 12.1.2 and Vodafone version 35.0


I have a bad signal at home but have been using WiFi calling without any issues for over a year. Now, for the last few weeks, my phone stays on Vodafone UK, albeit only one blip of signal strength. I cannot make calls as no one can hear what I’m saying. 

Any ideas why I am no longer getting WiFi calling?

we have another iPhone X in the house on Vodafone. Same issue. 

Nothing has changed with our broadband...same service, router and speeds we are getting are still about 60mbps so no change there. 


Thank you

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17: Community Champion

Have you changed your tariff or plan recently? If yes you need to make sure that the new plan allows WiFi calling - they don't all include that facility. 


Either way you'll need to speak to customer services to get WiFi calling re-enabled on your account.


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2: Seeker

I’ve been with Vodafone since July so I’m in the same contract. Nothing has changed in the last two weeks since WiFi calling seems to have stopped working. 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Blakey1977


It may help refreshing WiFi calling on your phone.  This can be done by removing WiFi calling through My Vodafone wait 24 hours and setting up it up again from the beginning. 


If you still have problems, Customer Services will need to reenable WiFi calling on your account (as already mentioned by @jeffkinn) or wait for one of the Team to get to the thread and they will be able to help.

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