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Network queries

sure signal

3: Seeker

Extremely disappointing customer who has been with Vodafone for 18 years. Was sent a sure signal 5 years ago (free of charge) because of the poor network coverage in my home. I live in a flat area 3 miles from Cardiff city centre. Recently contacted Vodafone has the device wasn't working. Vodafone said it would need to be replaced and said unfortunately I would need to go into the city centre store to collect one. On two separate occasions my wife made the journey only to be told they were out of stock. As a result, I contacted Vodafone to see if one could be sent to me. I was informed that I could have one but i would have to pay. I flatly refused to pay for a device that was required to support Vodafone's poor network coverage. As part of this issue I was faced with;

.1. Making multiple calls to try and get some sort of decision 

.2. Being constantly faced with having to repeatedly explain what the issue was to different advisors. 

.3. Spending hours being placed on hold while people passed me around various operatives.

.4. Finally, during my final call whilst becoming increasingly agitated at the lack of organisation by Vodafone, a gentleman attempted to try and sell me broadband......unbelievable! As a result, I have up and put the phone down (52 minutes in).

I will now reluctantly see out my contract on all three phones and find a service provider with better staff training and customer care.

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I'm really disappointed to hear you've had such a poor experience with us @Hoddy1. I'm sure I'll be able to turn this around and for you and look into getting you a replacement Sure Signal. As I'll need access to your account to do this, please get in touch through the private message I've sent and I'll be happy to help 😊

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