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Network queries

when will texting be available through the Wi-Fi network

2: Seeker

 I was told yesterday by a Vodafone representative that texting will be available through the data network within a couple of weeks is this true?. I use text a lot, however I do not get any network coverage from my home so I have been using Sure signal and Vodafone have now shut this down.

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17: Community Champion

It's been asked quite a few times since the launch of Calling over Wi-Fi when texting will be implemented.

I'd suggest to keep an eye on Vodafone's blog / coming soon and the forum for any updates if  Vodafone implement this in the future.

Vodafone no longer sell the sure signal but they haven't shut it down.

Lots of people still use them and they are available on auction sites and private selling sites to buy.


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