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Off topic

4g in Italy

1: Seeker

I am in Italy and my 4G is not working the internet said take out SIM card switch off and back on … nothing !

I am a company pay monthly and not up to the limit.. I used in France same phone etc last month no problem. Help I run my business from my phone 

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Community Manager

I'm sorry you're experiencing difficulty connecting to 4G whilst in Italy @STRONAGK1. Let's see if we can get you reconnected to a data service. If you're unable to connect through the network you've automatically roamed to, you can manually select any Italian network. So we can give you the most accurate instructions on doing this, pop us the make and model of the phone you're using. For a more instant reply to your message, you may want to contact us through one of our social channels as we've advisers online 24/7. 

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