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Data Usage - How much do I use?

17: Community Champion

Data Usage - How much do I use?


My phone is due to be upgraded in August this year, so I decided to find out just how much Data do I actually use?


My current plan gives me 1024Mb of Data (1Gb) per month. However most of the Tarriffs now only provide 500Mb of Data.


So I need to know... Will 500Mb be enough for me?


Usually my Phone jumps from one WiFi connection to another because I don't want to risk paying more on my bill.


I started Monitoring my usage on 12th March 2012. I reset all Data monitoring devices on the phone.


So what do I use Data for on my Phone...?


Twitter           - connects every hour, I read all posts and also follow links to articles on web pages.

Google-Plus - I read and post a lot to G+ and this is pushed to the phone constantly.

Facebook     - check once or twice a day, not used a lot.

eForum         - Read and post to, when not on PC.

Gmail             - All gmail is read and sent from my phone. Including Photo emails

Email              - All Virginmedia email is read and sent from my phone.

Apps              - All App updates were downloaded via 3g direct to the phone


In the last 10 Days I have not used WiFi once, but I always put the phone into Airplane Mode at bed time, but Alarm clock is enabled. (This is my usual routine)




So if we combine the sent data and received data...

Sent       25.1Mb

Rec'd   128.0Mb

          = 153.1Mb


153.1Mb in 10 days, now if we expand that to 30 days we get a total of... 459.3Mb


So for me, constantly using 3g I could just about live within 500Mb of Data allowance.

But, I would usually have my phone connected to WiFi at home. So I can easily manage with 500Mb.


I send and receive a lot of emails per day, in the realm of 60 incoming and 40 outgoing!

Also between Twitter and G+ I spend a lot of time connected to online services.


We may not need as much Data as we think...!


Try doing What I did. When it comes to upgrade time you may save yourself some money? Or prove that actually you do need that Add-On, to save yourself from expensive bills!




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17: Community Champion
Great work soup, thanks for the info.
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16: Advanced member

Soup put that IOS down its getting scarry you messing with that!!!!!

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7: Helper

I had the tunein radio app running for 1 hour on my commute home, for 4 days (therefore 4 hours worth) and went over 500MB.  Luckily I have the data test drive going at the mo.

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17: Community Champion

Thats the beauty of Vodafone's Data test drive, you can experience all the wonders of the Net and then draw up your own needs compared to affordability and then adjust your data allowence to suit.


great post @savio27 Wink.gif

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16: Advanced member
That would be good if you could pick a plan that had every thing you need, or the way you want some end up with stuff they don't need just to get the data

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7: Helper
3G speed in central London still seems to be an issue. The Vodafone 3G coverage is good, however due to the number of people using the network I guess this is affecting data speeds. I try to use Wi-Fi as much as possible, however on public transport this isn't usually possible. Maybe look fwd to 4G?
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16: Advanced member

I recommend the BT fon system plus watch networks grind to a holt when the Olympics are on




All you need to be is  BT bradband users and i think they do cover the tube but only in the stations

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7: Helper

I'm not worried about the olympics - seeing as being from London, living in London and having to pay higher council tax to get the olympics doesn't guarantee you a ticket for the games, I'll be off abroad on holiday.  


Many thanks Seb Coe et al.

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16: Advanced member

What and miss all the tax payers mony being wasted lol


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13: Advanced Member

Great post soup.


I could probably live within 500Mb if I absolutely had to, but I've learnt that having that extra amount available always

helps, in case you need it.


case in point - managed to screw up  the drivers for my netbook's wifi when staying at a hotel, and the only way to

sort things out was to download the drivers via my phone, and copy them across using USB.


Plus, when I joined Vodafone the difference between 500Mb and 1Gb was 65p :smileyhappy:

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Community Manager (Retired)
Fantastic post Soup, thanks for taking the time to do this!

It's really interesting to see the usage of an individual- I think a lot of people these days worry about which data allowance will be enough for them, and this should help to set some minds at rest.

Great work

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16: Advanced member

One problem Tom is getting the right package right in the first place, sales staff look at usage 

I don't use my data but its there when I need it, and it has come in handy when in hospital 

But every day use 500mb a month is fine 

But most just look at this being Downloads and not all data 

People do want to use there phones for surfing the web and other stuff but there scared of doing it, and the charges when they go over 

some networks do capping my son is on this and a lot of teenagers are on this 

when i did my survays

the top Network was not Vodafone

but "3"

The reason was Capping £15 a mounths the reson is unlimited data (blackberry users)

Vodafone was there for coverage

But there all using facebook and emailing  and twittering 

when asked who put them on "3" it was there parents as they were scared of charges 

so to use Vodafone may be ok but it does not get the teenage vote 

i checked my sons useage and he hit 700mb this mounth 

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4: Newbie

I used to be on 500mb but i was getting frequent 'telling offs' from vodafone for going over my data limit, sometime halfway through the month.


Im now on the 1gb and have only had a few hand slaps to warn me about my usage.

I watch youtube vids (maybe up to 10 a day if im bored), browse the web, forums and download apps etc.

I would rather have a bit too much data avalible than not enough and get charged for the extra usage

HTC HD2 now dead after a long struggle of nearly 3 years!
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