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Off topic

Game subscription scams

3: Seeker

How is this allowed to happen with GDPR.

I've been charged £12 a month for a couple of months now, just because someone sent me a text or I clicked a link somewhere. Not exactly what I would deem suitable terms for entering into a contract. 
Why is it not standard procedure for phone providers to block any premium extras whilst they check with THEIR customers if this is legitimate. The fact that they can use the existing phone contract to extort money is a joke and should be dealt with or refunded by the phone companies. It would soon put a stop to scam companies! Come on Vodafone.. duty of care!! (Must say they were very helpful once I'd noticed and contacted them, but I shouldn't have needed to, an alert prompting a check should automatically be sent to the bill payer). 

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17: Community Champion

Couldn't agree more @joncarter .


This is an excellent idea.


There are far too any customers being charged for these unwanted services and incurring these charges and all because they accidentally clicked on a link and are now left wondering what has happened. Responsibility also has to be with the third party, they should also confirm that the customer is certain they want to subscribe to the service and give all the information on charges if wanting to proceed.


It is recommended to use the bars provided through the online account and the My Vodafone Application.  The bar for incoming premium rate should service it's purpose and put an end to these unwanted third party services.


Also further information from Vodafone here:  Premium Rate SMS FAQ's The information for the regulator has been omitted from the link by Vodafone but can be found here: Phone-Paid Services Authority

Further information from Ofcom here: Premium rate services (PRS)



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3: Seeker

Thanks @AnnS for adding the support info.


I just can't believe that you can sign a contract with a phone company who then allow other services to piggy back on said contract and bank account. This is so open to fraud it is almost funny. I also can't believe that extra charges aren't fully itemised so customers have no idea what the charge is. I wonder if phone companies are so innocent in all of this? All premium caps and blocks should be default to on, yes not ideal if you want to purchase extra services, but I really can't think of many in the age of apple and google play that would want to use other unregulated third party services. 


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