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Off topic

Reading VIP Car parking?

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Hi Voda VIP, firstly cheers for the tickets!

I was wondering about the car parking, i have friends that have normal weekend camping tickets, but they are my lift.
can they park in the guest car parking if i am the only one with a VIP ticket?

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Moderator (Retired)
Hi Brizzle,

Congratulations on being a lucky winner!:)

So long as you are going together then that would be fine, I don't think the ticket is registered to a specific car, its just a generic car parking pass.

You do only get one though so if your going with your friends all in one car then its fine to use your car parking pass.

I trust that reassures you, enjoy your trip!:D


eForum Team

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Wicked thank you :)

Any chance you could leave me a voice message reading this out?

The Stoke accent is amazing :P

Cheers for answering v. quickly

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