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Should we worry about Huawei?

17: Community Champion

Should we worry about Huawei ?

"So far the UK has held back from any formal ban. So does the firm pose a threat?"


Certainly something to watch.

Draw your own conclusions. 

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4: Newbie

Personally I don't see any threat from Huawei, I could be wrong but certainly don't hope so. 


As technology evolves then so does the paranoia which in my personal opinion is all this all, Huawei have managed to become one of the market leaders and because of the founders past other goverments are feeling threatend. 

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17: Community Champion

This particular story relates to the hardware infrastructure behind the 5G network.   There will always be concerns behind such equipment bought in from elsewhere, especially when oversight of the manufacturing process is difficult.  There is certainly a belief that Huawei might come under pressure from the Chinese government to install ways in which the system could be manipulated for nefarious purposes.   It's also worth considering that this would almost certainly be counter-productive in long-term relationships if it was activated.  Against that, a breakdown of relations, or a feeling that trade was less important, could lead to a belief that the risk was worthwhile.   Just look at the question marks over Kaspersky, which were raised without any concrete evidence of anything actually sinister, but which had an air of credibility due to Western relations with Russia.

In terms of whether to buy a Huawei phone or tablet - well, I have one and I'm sure it'll go on working.  However, there was a recent hiatus in its update service which, it was speculated, might have had something to do with US/China trade relations.  Such things can affect any manufacturer, of course, and for all kinds of reasons, so I don't think it's a reason to avoid any particular one - and certainly not to advise it.

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1: Seeker

To be honest I don't care. I haa a very bad experience with Huawei  smartphone and would never recomment their devices. I know that's my personal view and a lot of my friends are satisfied with it but still there's nothing that can change my mind.

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2: Seeker

I don't really know the situation with Huawei? But, to be completely sincere in don't use huawei products what is why i don't interesting, only one thing - will it influense onther companies?


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