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Skype Billing

2: Seeker

Hi please could you tell me how a Skype to Skype audio or video call will appear on a Vodafone bill ? I have heard they are itemised as long numbers per call so either video or audio and also they won’t show up and will come out of data only , as I say it’s a Skype user to user connection I will be making not actually dialling mobile numbers 

any help would be appreciated, so I can decide the most cost effective way to make calls and monitor usage 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Danbrad16 


Skype calls do not show on your mobile telephone bill, when using Skype you purchase credit and the purchase will show against the card used to make the payment.


Skype calls come out of your data allowance and will show as data usage on your bill.  If a Skype number calls your mobile number, the incoming Skype number should display on the incoming calls list. 


Unless you are using a WiFi connection Skype video calls can be data intensive. The data monitor on your phone will give an indication of the amount of data consumption for Skype but always best to check the My Vodafone Application. 


There is also further information available from the Skype site and the Skype application.

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2: Seeker

Thanks Ann very helpful and much appreciated 

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