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Solar powered Video Surveillance with 4g connection questions and advices

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I am having an idea of creating an Video Surveillance for my caravan which is on remote location. 

The problems I am facing is that there are no electricity, so I have to buy or make my own solar system ( I have no Idea how to do it ). Budget is limited too.

1. For internet connection I will use this ( Note: There will be no streaming only to watch if I want any time, all recordings will be on some local storage, otherways  I don't see with streaming this package to be enough ) -

2. For ready to go Solar system, I was thinking for this - [Removed]

First ( it is also related to the second one ) problem is what battery to choose and should I get another set with 150 Wats pannel ?! Should I ask someone to make me a small turbine from car alternator ( I heard there is such a think ) ? Or [Removed] and buy one of these [Removed]

Second problem with the sollar system is that I actually dont have any Idea of real consumption of all the cameras plus DVR plus the 4G/Wifi device, specially on the night. Some friends told me that in the night the consumption may be higher than specified on the devices. Also possible charge problems due to lack of sun light period enough to charge and sustain the power amount ?!

I am in dilemma of choosing the right cammeras too.

A ) Complete set with DVR -[Removed]


B ) 4 x -[Removed]

I will apreciate any advice on this. It is important for me, because i had some problems already. There are no expensive things there, but sick of repairs.


Thanks for all replies in advance!

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3: Seeker

hahah  ok so some of the links have been removed.. any way... For B ) 4 x - Wifi IP Chineese cameras with SD Memory card and night vision, they cost about 60 dollars.


Where the H.. is the advertising Quote:  [MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove advertising content please see Community Guidelines]



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