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Using more Mobile Data than usual ? My Guide.

17: Community Champion

Using more of your Mobile Data Allowance than normal ? - My Guide. 


  • When at Home on Wifi turn off Mobile Data in the phones settings. Remember to re activate when leaving wifi range. 
  • Use Wifi where you can but not for instances such as Internet Banking.
  • Look at any newly downloaded apps to see if that's the culprit. 
  • Check any inbuilt Data Monitor in the phones settings. These typically require to be reset when your tariff allowance resets. 
  • Some monitors can be set to alert if a level of usage is reached. 
  • Data Monitors can be downloaded from your App Store. 
  • Use your myvodafone app to check usage. 
  • Use your online myvodafone to check usage. 
  • Weather Apps can use data in the background to update. 
  • Set Facebook to not auto play videos automatically. 
  • The Facebook App has been noted to use lots of data. I use a saved link on my home screen to navigate to Facebook. 
  • Mail Apps that are set to Push new emails from the server can use more data (and battery) as it's constantly checking. Change to Fetch and set the time interval. 
  • Location type Apps can use more Data. Pre download maps before a journey and use Offline. 
  • Streaming Apps will use more Data. YouTube / Radio / Music Streaming Apps. Check if an Offline setting exists. 
  • Tethering will use more Data. What-is-tethering.
  • iMessage on an iPhone uses Mobile Data. 
  • To recieve MMS messages needs Mobile Data turned on. 
  • Look at your current Data Tariff Allowance with a view to increasing it if required. This may involve further costs. 
  • Some Apps can be tweaked to only use Data when you want. 
  • Turn any Auto Updates of App's to Off. 
  • Download updates / OS Firmwares over wifi. 
  • On iPhone turn off Wifi Assist in Settings-Mobile Data- if left on the iPhone can choose to change connection type and move from wifi to mobile data if it sees the other as a stronger connection. 
  • When an iPhone screen times out it can silently switch from wifi to mobile data. Toggling off Mobile Data stops this or putting it on charge does too.
  • Close down apps when not in use. They should be in a suspended state but opinion is some can still use Mobile Data. Facebook was/is thought to be a culprit.
  • Smartphones will try and update in the Background without you realising. 
  • iOS > Settings > Mobile Data> scroll down to see the list of apps under Use Mobile data for. Toggle off anything that isn’t necessary for your needs. 

    Android > look under Settings > Wireless & Networks > Data usage and tap on an app to find the option to Restrict app background data.

  • On iOS 9 and the iPhone 5s upwards a person can use Content Blockers to stop Ad's meaning less content rich pages = less data and can make loading of pages faster. 
  • Some Browsers actively look to reduce mobile data usage. i.e Chrome and Opera as examples can compress pages. 
  • Some free App's can use more Data as they can have more Ad's in them than paid for App's. 
  • Limit your upload, download or sending pictures or videos especially Hd files. 
  • Android - Look to toggling off Download Booster.
  • Android - Account sync settings. It might be set to auto-sync. Look to tweaking the Auto Sync and could be disabled for some apps such as Facebook and Google+ as they can use it to sync heavy files such as photos and videos.
  • Running SpeedTests to check your speeds can use approximately 40mb of Data. 
  • Data-capping - What-are-the-data-caps. "A data cap is one of the tools available in Vodafone Data Manager, and is included in all Pay monthly phone and SIM only bundles bought after 5 May 2016, and Mobile Broadband and tablet bundles bought after 28 September 2016. It gives you control over your data usage and spending.


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4: Newbie
Thanks bofb. How do l change my mail settings from push to fetch in Samsung Galaxy S5.?
I've had a look in settings but can't see anything. And would you know why l have separate email and gmail apps which both receive the same emails within a few seconds of each other?
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17: Community Champion

You're welcome. 


Smartphones have stock mail apps preloaded.


Then alternative mail apps can come downloaded. 


You should be able to look in the stock mail settings and possibly delete your gmail settings from there or remove the 3rd party app. 


It sounds like they are syncing. 


This was happening on my iPhone so I deleted the downloaded 3rd party mail app. 


Regarding the settings. 




Double check your settings for email in the stock app or 3rd party mail app. . It maybe that this feature isn't available to your phone. 




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4: Newbie

This is a really useful guide, thank you.

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2: Seeker
thank you for replying all or mostyou have suggested I do I turn my phone off as I have a ph;ine just for calls no internet on it I restrict back ground data I never downloa with mobile dat a always !wiffi (and they put 500mb on my account I could get them qbd 100mins phone back and they says refresh my account still nothing I turned on me off left for a couple hours and then it worked still there no something is w thqnkyou rong
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2: Seeker
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17: Community Champion

After realising to my embarrassment that an app was doing a major update over a train's wifi, I discovered an additional setting to control Android phones' use of data.


Within the Play Store app, go to Settings, and there is one that controls auto-update of apps - the options are:

Do not auto-update apps

Auto-update at any time

Auto-update over wifi only


I had mine set to the third, until I accidentally breached the wifi rules on the train. Now I have it set to the first, and limit my updating to when I'm safely using the home wifi.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Annie_N


Mine is set to the 3rd option regarding Auto Update of Apps. 


May I ask what happened when you breached the trains wifi rules ?


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17: Community Champion



Fortunately, nothing happened! However, I hastily turned off wifi, as I had given my name and email address as part of the sign-up process, and I had no wish to find myself blacklisted by Virgin East Coast for excessive use of data. It's a long journey up to Edinburgh, and I make the return journey at least once a year, so their wifi is a useful service. Of course, I do have alternative email addresses, but life gets very complicated if you have to keep track of which address you can safely give to which organisation....


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17: Community Champion

That's fair enough @Annie_N


I see the restrictions they implemented are "You can access most websites, however we don’t permit video streaming and catch up tv or other services that require excessive bandwidth. This is to ensure everyone has a good surfing experience." From Here.


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17: Community Champion

Interestingly, I had an email from them a few days before I travelled, reminding me to take my tickets and railcard :smileysurprised:** That explained that it was now possible to watch movies during the journey, but that it was essential to download and install their app before travelling, as it wasn't permitted to download it over their wifi.


I did wonder a bit about the relative bandwidth requirements for watching one of their movies and for installing their app, but I guess it's about no one individual overloading their system. [Edited to add: and of course the movie is already onboard, while the app would have to get from the outside world onto the train.] So I installed the app before my journey with every intention of watching something, but it was a beautiful day so I watched the scenery, and hastily turned off my wifi when I realised my phone was breaking the rules.


** I suspect that the excessively laidback style of their emails confirming ticket purchase has resulted in a rash of people turning up with nothing more than a booking confirmation. An odd mistake from a group which runs a successful airline!


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