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Vodafone incorrectly blocking one of my websites

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi there, Vodafone and Virgin Media are incorrectly blocking my portfolio site

The hosting providers scanned thoroughly my site with 3  malware scan sites on the web and ran your website through them, and it came out clean see here:

They also confirmed the site SSL certificate is working; it's valid and current. See:


Could you please change this and unblock my site?









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Hey :Smiling: 


There is a problem with your website. Check your website for malware or malicious code. It isn't just Vodafone blocking it. I have went ahead on my Virgin Media 5g data who are blocking it too 

ook out! Your Virgin Media Virus Safe settings have blocked this site

We think this site may be fraudulent or contain viruses that could be harmful to your computer, so it's been blocked by your account's Web Safe settings.

Also, when I try to go to https:// my own home internet is flagging the website as a potential virus.


There is something on your code that is flagging up as malicious. Maybe contact your hosting provider

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I also just checked and my Malwarebytes browser guard is also blocking your website on my PC.


It isn't anything to do with your SSL certificate. In this case i recommend you contact your hosting provider. or check your cPanel File Manager. Look for any files that you don't recognise that could be .php or .html and comb through the code for anything that could be pointing to an external website. Best bet is to check your hosting provider


Former IT consultant for a major company here.

I am aware of Virgin doing the same


My website is totally malware free, there is no suspicious content on this website. I'm getting false positives from a few providers, But my hosting provider and my developers rechecked the website and they said there is no malware or suspicious content there.

They scanned it thoroughly my site with Imunify360 and 3 other malware scan sites on the web and ran my website through them, and it came out clean see here:


In the past, google console found a malware, it was a JSON file, but my developer removed it, and in fact, Google Console is not finding it anymore.

Could you please change this and unblock my site? I am loosing business as some of my clients cannot access to my website. Thank you for your help. All the best Elena





Hi @StudioElma 👋 I have tested this over our mobile network and the website seems to be loading fine currently. Just to confirm are you only experiencing this over home broadband connections who are on Vodafone, or have you noticed this with mobile connections on Vodafone also? Once we have this information we can look at getting this raised to the relevant team. Thank you.

Hi there


I only tried on mobile





please see attached



Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 20.49.20.png



Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 20.49.26.png


Community Manager
Community Manager

@StudioElma - thanks for testing this. I've requested the site to be reviewed . The reference for this is INC000004815309. One of us will let you know as soon as we've an update. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@StudioElma - thanks for your patience. The site has been reviewed and it's come back that it isn't been blocked. Please can you retest this and share the message which you're getting again? 

Vodafone and Virgin unblocked it! Problem solved - thanks all for your support.