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Off topic

What to upgrade too, thoughts from the community?

4: Newbie

Well, its almost that time again and I am looking at changing my phone so thought I would ask for some opinions from other users on here.  I have always been a bit of a fan of Nokias and currently have the N900, great device.


What I am after is something with Wifi, Skype capability, a decent sized screen, reasonable camera, reliable etc.  Don't mind going for non-Nokia phones, just always had Nokias


Any thoughts, ideas or opinions based on VF current / up and coming stocks?  I am doing some research / reviews online myself but won't go into what here as I would rather have people own opinions.


Thanks in advance.

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Tanthalas


I'm sure there will be a lot of users within the community who will be more than happy to give you a few pointers/recommendations however I have also sent you and email to see what deals our sales team will be able to offer.


If you would like us to give you a call around potential new deals then all you need to do is reply back with the information required and a member of the team will be in touch :Smiling:





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4: Newbie

Thanks Matt,


I have replied to the email sent from the original post in the Nokia forums.  I re-posted here as I realised this wasn't really a support issue as such so thougth it would be better suited to a general chat forum.

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6: Helper

I reckon you've got your work cut out to find anything that can better the N900, TBH.


There's not a lot from the Nokia stable at present, the latest announcement (the E7-00) falls way short of what can be termed "an upgrade" over the N900.

Most of the competition are still struggling to pack a decent screen that can equal or better the N900 without ending up with something that can double up as a surf-board. And they haven't touched on the versatility of the N900 at all yet.

There's also the storage side of things. Everyone thought the N900 was limited to 48GB total until someone bunged a new 32GB Micro SD in and found it worked without any problems. And there's rumors of 64GB Micro SDs on the horizon.


Are you keeping the N900? I would, just for tinkering about with. And if you can't find anything on the shelves now there's always the SIM only deals to fall back on until something comes along, plus you'll save yourself some cash.

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Community Manager (Retired)

Hi Tanthalas,

Good idea to put this in here! Hopefully some of the community will be along soon to offer some insights.

I'd love to offer you my own suggestions, but naturally as I work for Vodafone, I have to be careful to avoid bias!

What I will say is that I've been using a BlackBerry 8520, a HTC Legend and an iPhone 3GS in the last 12 months, and all are brilliant phones! The technology nowadays is great across the board- I remember the days of being really stuck for choice as to what to upgrade to, so much so that I'd wait for months after my contract end just for something good to come out.

It's a consumer's market these days, I can't wait for my contract to end to get the latest Android, iOS, BlackBerry or other device. There are some cracking options available. I love my Legend for its great feel and amazing build quality, I love my iPhone for its addictive user interface, and I love my BlackBerry for its insane battery life and rock solid email and calendar services.

In terms of the features you've listed, how about a HTC Desire HD? I think it does everything you've listed.



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4: Newbie

Thansk for the replies so far.


Sticky, yes I am probably going to be keeping the N900 and there is no certainty that I will be 'upgrading/changing' the phone when the contract is up.  As I am not really up to speed at all on Maemo or anything else along those lines I really think the N900 is far more than I need.


I have been seeing some strange behavious with it recently which I am looking into, one fo the main ones being some odd things with the media player.  I only use the standard one (using Nokias own, global firmware) for listening to music when I am at work.  However I have noticed that it seems to regularly jump tracks which it has never done before. i.e. starts a track, then 15, 20 or 30 seconds it jumps onto the next track in the playlist, I have no idea why it is doing that.


I have also been suffering with quite significant slow downs when accessing programs from any of the desktops, this could just be a good time to reflash it and start fresh, not sure.  For example, I use it as an alarm clock and when the alarm when off this morning I couldn't turn it off via the on screen button, it just wouldn't recognise me pressing it for a good 15 - 20 seconds.


I am terrible for wanting change when the opportunity arises haha.


I have heard alot of good comments about the HTC Desire HD but never actually got my hands on one to play about with.


As for my contract, I am ideally looking at reducing the cost a little or negotiating some kind of deal if possible.  I don't use anywhere near the 900 minutes I have, very very rarely (perhaps twice over a few months)  use the internet unless its through Wifi, however dropping my contract cost is going to significantly impact on my phone options :smileysad:

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Community Champion (Retired)

I'd hang onto the N900 until the rumoured Meego handsets hit the shelves

If you like the 900 you won't find another handset out there that matches its capabilities and flexability


The N8 is more a media device based around the camera

the desire HD again a media device around the big screen

and the ip4 a flashy toy


all are fine in there way but most 900 owners who have moved to one of these tend to express disapointment


Note I do not work for voda, My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own


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14: Advanced member
If you like the N900 id hang onto it until around the end of this year.
with LTE (4G) devices due to be hitting the market from HTC even im considering a change as im up for upgrade in october.

HTC - Great devices , all look the same though - no appeal in them besides the hardware.
Blackberry - overpriced for mid-low range hardware but the Bold 9700 is very reliable - 9780 which is the exact same with double app memory , os6 is worth a look.
Apple - iPhones are only good if you like playing alot of games and messing with apps.
SE - Horrible manufacturer - OSs are terrible and unstable - pre walkmans they were decent though.
Nokia - Besides the N900 no other device gets a look in. N97 was a horrible attempt.
Samsung - another lack of creativity - always the same lookin devices and now they have a model that looks like a blackberry (in fact i know 2 like that)

Think ive covered most of the main manufacturers for the UK market.

Im a blackberry fan - thats were most of my knowledge is and id recommend blackberry to any1.

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16: Advanced member
I would recommend considering going down the Andriod path. I used Nokias for years and loved them and was a bit apprehensive at the thought of moving to a Samsung fone but I'm glad I did as really enjoy the Andriod experience!

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16: Advanced member

I would agree there two big players here one one hand you have Apple on the other you have Android the rest just carn't keep up

Nokia are ditching the Sybion rubbish for well something else what ever it is Blackberry are well they have had there day in the executive area, Now there is windows well its microsoft they never get it right.

So Apple yes it is good but you only have the choice of one phone and you have to use Itunes for every thing

were as Android well i have lost count as to how many phones there are and some very nice phones coming from a Company that we all though had gone from the Phone world Motorola who are using Android, Why cos well you can do stuff with it to make it work with hard ware, also it is open sauce so your not held to ransom like the Apple Boys,

So what you need to think is do i want just a phone if so stick with what you have

If you want some advanced kit there is only two choices    

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