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Your VVM service has been temporarily disabled by the system

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2: Seeker

I’m not sure if somebody has access to my number or what’s going on but recently today I had a voice message that was someone talking in Chinese. Sounded like a text to speech. Afterwards I’d then get a text from my voicemail saying Your VVM service has been temporarily disabled by the system. Is someone trying to get into my number? I’m not sure what actions to take here. I have had a few issues with people trying to get into my email account etc like typical scammers. Thanks 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi everyone, I can confirm after investigation by our Support Teams, this happens when you receive a new voicemail message, but you're not connected to WiFi or your mobile data has dropped out.

You should still be able to access your voicemail by calling 121 free from a Vodafone mobile or when you're reconnected to mobile data or WiFi.

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Hi @MIDDI666 👋 I understand your concern. I believe this may be a phishing attempt, please ignore any messages and don`t click on any links within them. If you pop a message over to our Social team via this link, we will happily take a look over your account, to make sure everything is secure and no changes have been made.

Hi the link doesn’t work when I click it? Says invalid 

@MIDDI666  I do apologise, you should find the link is working now 😊

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2: Seeker

I do have same situation here  I received a message that my VVM was disabled. 
There is anything that I need to do? 
thank you in advance 

Hi @EgleB123 👋 If you could drop our social team a message via the link here, we will be able to check if your voicemail has been disabled and look into this further.. If you ever need to enable VVM you can do this by following the instructions here.

@PenguinJ VVM is the voicemail service for your phone, the link I provided above has some more details 😊

I had the same on my iPhone. At around 9.40 I lost all access to my phone, after seeing the "Your VVM service has been temporarily disabled by the system" in my notifications. I also had a voicemail but it was a genuine number that I was waiting for a call back on. Phone now seems to be working OK.


you please share that Link?? Thanks

Hi @EgleB123 I`m not sure why the link didn`t populate the first time, sorry about that, you should find that its showing now 😊

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2: Seeker

Exact same thing happened to me aswell, what is vvm and is it important?