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BlackBerry PRIV WiFi Calling

2: Seeker

I have a BlackBerry PRIV bought from BBUK, so unlocked.  I started an EE Max Plan but then got shafted by their more than 30 day use abroad restriction.  PRIV worked fine on EE and wifi calling menu appeared straightaway.

So left EE and started VF pay monthly Red Bundle Plan, there is no menu option for wifi calling.  Tried chat and was reliably told that PRIV didn't have WC - which it clearly does.

Been into local VF shop and WC is enabled in my account, as well as BlackBerry Services.


Any ideas??

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17: Community Champion
Hi, information here.

If you have a read there are several criteria you don't meet for having WiFi calling on Vodafone.
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2: Seeker

I had read that and yes I don't have a iPhone/Android but that is no excuse for VF not to make WC available when the phone is capable.  

Seems that a non VF bought iPhone can have it, so why not on PRIV?

If EE can do it, time VF pulled their finger out and did likewise.

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17: Community Champion
It's a commercial decision they have made on how they want to implement WiFi calling and from what I have read they won't be changing the criteria anytime soon.
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17: Community Champion



Your phone may have the capability but Vodafone have only authorised certain phones to have access to this feature. 


Your phone has not been included. 


"To take advantage of Wi-Fi Calling, you need:


A Pay monthly Red or Red Value Bundle, Red+ or Business Premier*

A compatible device:

iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus or iPhone SE
A Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016), A5 (2016), S6, S6 edge, S7 or S7 edge bought directly from Vodafone at one of our stores, online or by phone through our customer services team"


Wifi calling is in its infancy so it's possible they are still stabilising the service. 


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