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BluBoo Maya Max Connection Issues

3: Seeker

Hey Everyone.


I just recently bought the mobile BluBoo Maya Max, but when installing the SIM Card a message was sent saying the device doesn't support automatic updates and I have to do it manually.


This also means I cannot connect to the internet or use texts with media.


Does anyone have any idea how to sort this? Its on Pay as you go.


Thanks in advance

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17: Community Champion

Hi @DamiaNation


Although not something supported by Vodafone, this will most likely be the internet settings needing to be manually installed for PAYG,


Please take a look at the link below.



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3: Seeker

Yeah I had a look on there earlier, do you know what to directly go to on the support link?

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2: Seeker


Hi DamiaNation

I also have a BluBoo Maya Max with a Vodafone PAYG SIM. I did not get the dialogue you report and have been using it over here in France.


Although I don't use texts with media if you mean MMSs.


Let me know what settings you need.


I did, however , have enourmous problems with Vodafone getting a replacement micro SIM.


Also it doesn't look like Vodafone allow 4G to PAYG customers whilst roaming ?


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3: Seeker
I did have an o2 SIM in it before maybe that affected it.

But yeah every time is send the word WEB this is what the exact reply is:

It looks like you?ve swapped your SIM or updated your device. To continue using data and sending picture messages, you need to update your settings manually, as your device doesn?t support automatic settings updates. Get started at

So could you send your access point settings please? Maybe they need changed
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2: Seeker
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3: Seeker
That's what it was set to when I got my SIM.
Then a message appeared saying send WEB etc etc. Then well.. You know the rest from above.
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Hi @DamiaNation, please can you confirm you've completed the steps provided here?


If you've followed the steps and don't receive further instructions via text message, please restart the device. The configuration may need to be set up manually should you have any further problems.

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