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Dongle top up doesnt work

1: Seeker

Got a new dongle 3 weeks back and I was promised that I would get 6 GB data with it but was not given initially and after placing numerous calls was told that I would be added 2GB thrice. Got it once and after getting fed up asking the customer care about the remaining 4 GB , I went ahead and topped up again for 15 GB paying 25 pounds and the data still didnt reflect. Went to Vodafone store and got a new SIM with 15 GB and waited 24 hrs , still didnt get my 15 GB. I'm fed up with Vodafone and the time spent in explaining the issue to the customer care !!


How do I get my data that I paid for? I'm fed up with the false promises given by Vodafone customer care.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Senthil


I can't blame you for feeling "fed up"

If by checking your account again as sometimes there can be a short delay in things showing up properly,  that any relevant data allowance still isn't there then you will need to continue to speak to Customer Services for them to access your Account to investigate what's occurred. 

Are you able to pop the sim in a mobile phone and use MyVodafone just to check that way too for your allowance information. 

I hope this is resolved asap for you. 



@Senthil Live Chat will be able to look into this for you and see why you've not received the data.


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