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LG G5 Network Unlocking - Your Phone Is Not Personalized message

2: Seeker

I have an LG G5 that I am trying to apply a NUC too.

I have previously recieved my NUC following normal process.

On trying to enter the NUC and following the online guide, when I get to the point where I should select Network provider, I get the message "This Phone Is not Personalised" and no other option to input the NUC.


On installing the alternate sim, I get no prompt to enter any NUC code.

The phone does not apper to recoginise the new sim.

The sim is working and has been tested on other handsets.


Customer services over the phone told me to go to my local store as they would sort it?

My local stores told me this was not the case.

2 days ago they sent an email to NUC Resolutions team and I havent had any reply as yet.

Anyone had similar issues with unlocking LGG5.

Is there a fix to this?






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1: Seeker

We're having the exact same problem with the same phone. No one seems to be able to help. Did you have any luck and get it sorted? If so what worked? 

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@Jonesjohn007 We'd be happy to help with any issues you're currently having with unlocking your phone - so we can do this, please follow the details I've provided in the private message that I'll send to you shortly. A member of our team will then be in touch once we receive your details.

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1: Seeker



I too have this same problem with an LG G5 trying to go through the unlock procedure you have sent.

When I select "Service Provider Lock" from the menu I get the message "Your Phone is not personalised" with an option to "Dismiss" - I don't get as far as being able to enter the NUC you have sent me.


I assumed this meant the phone was not locked, I inserted the new SIM (Plusnet) but it still flashes up all the Vodafone details on start up and the new SIM does not work.  I have confirmed that the new SIM is activated so there should be no problem.


Please advise, much appreciated.

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@giblaird25 Thanks for letting us know. So we're able to check the status of your unlock, please get in touch using the link in my private message

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