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News : Google Pixel 2.

17: Community Champion

Source : MobileChoice.

Link : Google-pixel-2-specs-leaks-pricing-and-release-date.


Excerpt from the above Link....


"The Google Pixel flagship phone, the first to veer away from the company's Nexus line, is only around four months old but that doesn't mean Google isn't working on a better and more powerful successor which it may release in October of this year.

Google Pixel 2 will have to compete with the likes of LG G6, Samsung Galaxy S8 and more significantly, Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 flagships."


It doesn't seem long ago that we were introduced to the first Google Pixel phones (October 2016)


I've not owned the Pixel handset but have tinkered with it in a Highstreet Store, and it's just so smooth to use and even though my usagd was somewhat limited the Camera is very good too. 


Did you invest in a Google Pixel or Xl version ?


Enjoy it ? Worthwhile purchase ?


Does this interest you then to invest in the next model or even be interested in buying either models ?


This YouTube Unboxing Video of The Google Pixel Xl first sparked my interest in these models of phone. 


Credits to TechZilla. 





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3: Seeker
Any idea if Vodafone will be stocking the Google Pixel 2.
My sons contract ends on the 12th April, I know he's very interested in the Google mobile, if he can't get it at Vodafone he'll close his account and go elsewhere.
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17: Community Champion

It's unknown at the moment unless Vodafone decide to. 


They don't openly discuss any future business plans on what they will or won't stock or what there considering which is understandable to keep the competition on their toes. 


They didn't with the 1st generation one as it was exclusive to ee and those that wanted it and not with ee bought it sim free. 


Vodafone have a ComingSoon page to look at and watch. 


Link >


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4: Newbie

Or just upgrade through the Car Phone Warehouse, they are bound to have it, and you can get it on Vodafone, that's what I did.

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