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Other OS & Unlocking

Samsung S7 Unlocking is a joke

4: Newbie

What seemed a simple thing contact Vodafone give them the details they send a code, WRONG.

The code landed follow these instructions if you have any problems leave a message in the forum someone will contact you and fill in another set of details this will make it to the Social Media team who may help or put it back to NUCResolutions, I followed the yellow brick road put in several numbers contacted my sim provider twice for new sim cards still not working. Follow the yellow brick road again.

NUCResolutions, Give us the details again we shall contact Samsung 

Days go by and out of the blue I get a new unlock code with a message follow these instructions any problem leave a message and Follow the yellow brick road as the code didn't work, we follow the same system waited a week nothing so as I had an email from the Social Media team I replied asking for help, well the nice lady who had helped in the past did again and got in touch with NUCResolutions.

This time they left me for over 2 weeks so I contacted the Social Media team they had to send pin codes as it had been so long but then chased up NUCResolutions and I get a reply.

I so like this.

Hi #####,

I've had a look to see if there's an update available for you.

It looks like we've received an update and we can't provide any further codes so we'd request that you contact your manufacturer to assist with unlocking as we have now escalated your unlock to the highest point.

Please let us know if there's anything further we can assist you with.


Social Media

Well I thought only Vodafone could unlock it, but if that is their reccomended cure let's do this.



06:04:24Welcome to Samsung Support. Please allow me a moment to read through your enquiry.



06:07:21I have read your query and understand that you are having problem with the unlock code of your device. No worries, we will definitely check our resources for you

Me, At last someone can help


06:12:11Thank you for patiently waiting, #### I certainly understand that you already contacted your network provider and was referred to contact us instead. Can you tell us why did they refer you to us, because on our end we made sure that all sold devices are all unlocked and when it is already with different network provider and that they are the one who’s activating the unlock code to make sure that it will only be use on their network?.

06:12:45To prevent your phone from being permanently locked, I highly suggest that you confirm the unlock codes from your network provider. They should be able to validate which code to use since the lock key/code was activated by them when it was sold to you.

At this point he tried a couple of things that didn't work just to be nice I think.

06:39:43Alright, #####. Since we have tried the relevant troubleshooting steps with the device, and it did not fix the fault. It would be best to get in touch with your network provider for further assistance with the code.

so I contacted the Social Media team  And now I wait, I hope this helps others who feel frustrated and lost along the yellow brick road we may pass on the way and just so you know they did give me a master code that didn't work on one of the endless web chats in the middle of this lot.


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4: Newbie


Still waiting for the phone to be unlocked I even have a manager looking in to it 

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4: Newbie


From Vodafone

I've spoken to the Manage rand Specialist Team to see what more can be done.

They've advised that after speaking to Samsung the codes provided at the only one's we can obtain.

We apologise that this matter has been ongoing for a while and at this time there is nothing further we can obtain that will unlock the device and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a device can be unlocked from our network.

Please let us know if there's any other matter that you need assistance with and we'll be happy to do so.




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@F1fanLH44 I'm sorry to hear that you're having an issue with unlocking your device. As we've given you the maximum number of Network Unlock Codes, we would advise to contact the manufacturer. The codes we give you come directly from the manufacturer which is why we advise to reach out to them for further assistance if the Network Unlock Codes aren't working for you. I can only apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. If there's anything else we can help with, please do let us know.

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2: Seeker

Hi there


Have you had a resolution to this?  I'm currently in the same position and am so frustrated that no-one seems to be able to help.

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4: Newbie

No I am still waiting better now as they are having another look but I am not holding my breath.

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4: Newbie

Latest Update

After ages of waiting still I reminded Vodafone I am alive and waiting still.

After 3 days i received a reply


Thanks for getting back to us, we're really sorry that your phones still not unlocked and completely understand your frustration.

As it's been a while since we last passed security, we've text you out another four-digit PIN. Please confirm this back to us and we'll check for an update.


Social Media

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@F1fanLH44 Did you reply to the message that Teresa sent you? 

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4: Newbie

Hi Adam:

Today I have had the most informative email from Ruth, 

Every time I have been given a code by email it has a link telling you how to use the code and it has been the same when I have been talked through how to use codes over the phone with NUCResolutions.

Ruth gave me the genuine way to do these codes and following her instructions to the letter i had a response from the phone but I hate to say it the phone is still locked.

I switched off the phone inserted my sim powered it back up,

The phone displayed Sim Network unlock pin.

I inserted the master code and as I was told it would say unsuccessful and it did.

The next screen came up and at that point I put in the unlock code and as stated it came up successful.

The problem is it then came up Sim Network unlock pin and the phone is still not able to be used I did try restarting it as it had quite a big Android update that wanted installing and I did check the network in settings and it couldn't find any but 3 and even dad's sim that works in my  dad's Antique phone is not on 3 

Thanks for asking I did send the result through to Ruth as she did say that with all the times I have been sent codes and have been told to try codes over the phone that she wants to refresh security.

On a final note I have not sent this to Ruth but she said I should try Samsung so I did:


16:37:51I certainly understand that you already contacted your network provider and was referred to contact us instead. Can you tell us why did they refer you to us, because on our end we made sure that all sold devices are all unlocked and when it is already with different network provider and that they are the one who’s activating the unlock code to make sure that it will only be use on their network?.


16:39:11They will not say apart from we have given you a code if it does not work contact Samsung


16:40:32I see. We really want to provide you the network unlock code if only we can generate it on our end, however, we hope you understand that all devices we sold/provide to the network provider doesn't have network unlock codes and it's the network provider who's activating it to make sure that their device won't be use to other network.


16:41:24Ok then I shall get back to them Thanks anyway
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4: Newbie

Well since sending my last information I have been told they sent it back to NUCresolutions for another try.

I am not holding my breath as I will surely die so I thought I would watch paint dry instead, 

I think I have more chance of Santa bringing me a working code after six months of waiting.

I never thought Vodafone would be as unreliable as British Rail.

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I'm sorry to hear you've had a problem receiving your Network Unlocking Code (NUC) @F1fanLH44. I'm sure we'll be able to get this for you. As we'll need access to your account to do this, please contact us by following the instructions in this private message and we'll be in touch.

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