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Smart Ultra 6 - anyone got call recording to work?

4: Newbie

I've tried two apps to record calls that work quite well on other Androids - both called Call Recorder. None of the settings could prompt it record a thing. 


The help page of one lists ZTE Blade as incompatible, though I don't know if that only refers to the old Orange San Francisco.  I believe the SU6 is a very close cousin of the Blade 6 Plus.


The lack of this feature is a bit of a disaster in an otherwise near-perfect device. I need to record some stuff for legal reasons and I'm forced to go sim-swopping back to my old grot-fone!


Let me know if you get anything to function.

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2: Seeker
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2: Seeker

Yes it is possible. There are many call recorders for these purposes, so it is possible to install spyware applications which has a call recorder.

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Hi everyone,


I just wanted to point out that the application that @vondes has linked to is a third-party app that isn't from Google Play/iTunes stores directly.


I'd personally recommend only downloading apps from official stores. If you do decide to download a non-verified application, you do so at your own risk and this may cause issues with your phone.

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13: Advanced Member
regarding call recording when I tried it on my s5 I could only get it to record one way and it always just ended up recording my voice which was no good I think there might be legal issues with recording calls.I am not 100% though
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