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Unlocking iphone 6

2: Seeker

I have found dealing with Vodafone so frustrating be at my local shop or Customer Services, I really do hope someone here can help.


I want to unlock an iphone 6. In September, I upgraded my phone therefore this iphone 6 hasn't been connected to my Vodafone account since September. 


Vodafone tell me because the phone hasn't been connected/used since September that the phone is unlocked and I don't need an NUC number. 


They have given me the following advice:


What you need to do next


Simply insert a non-Vodafone SIM into your device with IMEI serial number ---- then turn it on and follow the on-screen instructions to set up iCloud and iMessage/Face Time.
Once you’re done, you’ll be able to use your device on another network. If you need more help, please try following the instructions on the Apple website 


I have tried doing this and I get to a point where the instruction is set up iCloud or itunes. But I don't want to set up iCloud or itunes, or anything else since I want to sell the phone.


I have been a Vodfone customer for many years but as and when this current contract finishes I am going to leave - they really are the most frustrating company to deal with. 








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17: Community Champion

Vodafone need to agree to your unlocking request via you filling out the online form and then because an iPhone does not unlock via a Nuc it insteads unlocks via apple releasing it from.their Database which can take a further 20 ish days. 

You do need an unlock or the iPhone will always remain locked to Vodafone as they don't automatically unlock after a certain point. 

If Vodafone are saying they can't see the imei and usage of the iPhone on their network then your options are to either ask Customer service on 191 or Live Chat for the Nuc email address to ask them.directly to help or use a Vodafone Payg sim card in the phone for 30 days making calls etc and then use the new Vodafone Payg details to request unlock although you shouldn't need to go that route but it's an option. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Hybrid-Duos.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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2: Seeker

Band of Brothers - thank you very much.


We have made the request to Vodafone to unlock the phone and their reply was the email including the information - What You Need to Do Next.


Just to clarify regards the Apple releasing the iphone from its database.


Do I need to make a request to Apple for this release to happen? Or does the release happen automatically after the 20 (ish) days. If automatically, then enough time has lapsed.


Again many thanks. 

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17: Community Champion

As yours is a network locked iPhone Apple wouldn't engage with you in regards to unlocking. 

Vodafone look after that for you. 

The unlocking can happen faster than 20 days but it can take up to that. 

Periodically insert an active sim card i.e one that connects to network data etc and you'll eventually see a congratulatory type message once the unlock has completed. 

Current Phone > Samsung Note 9 _512Gb > Model: SM-N960 Hybrid-Duos.


Samsung Gear s3 Frontier Watch.

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