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2: Seeker


My Dad's a Senior Citizen and currently has a very classy but  'older' Motorola flip-phone.

He tops up when necessary via Talk Mobile (now owned by Vodafone). The Vodafone network, not surprisingly is used by Talk Mobile....

Dad's very computer literate but as yet hasn't 'embraced' smartphones.

As a surprise present for a special anniversary,  I have my eyes on a Sim-free smartphone recommended by a few of my friends and considerably cheaper than those from the usual suspects.

This will need a Micro-Sim card.

His current 'standard' SIM was originally sent by Talk Mobile but their site now redirects enquiries like this to the Vodafone site.

Since I'm not with Vodafone myself, I was unwilling to 'chat' about this matter and give my own phone number, for reasons of privacy etc. Therefore, I decided to try this 'community' route first before maybe just approaching another company altogether.

So, here's the situation:

Even if I buy this new phone, I know from experience Dad will want to hold on to his current phone which by the way he's kept in first-class condition. Perhaps to keep in his car for emergency?

Again, from experience, I know he he'll not want to tie himself up to any contract in the first instance with the smartphone..

In short and I'm well aware this may sound silly to some, he'll want the assurance he can simply top up as and when the way he does now.

With a little bit of 'gentle persuasion' from his loving daughter,  I'm hoping to get him to see the extended usefulness of having a  'new smartphone'.

So, final query:

1. Can Vodafone simply send him a Micro-Sim card and if so what does he then have to do to 'top it up' initially?

2. How do I get them to send it? There doesn't seem to be any way of doing this on the Vodafone site.


I'd appreciate any thoughts or advice  on this before I actually buy the smartphone and 'spring my surprise'..


Many thanks













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17: Community Champion

Hi @kwil 


You can order a free Pay As You Go SIM from

There is an option at the bottom of the list to just order the SIM without topping up now.


Once you've got the SIM you can Top up in a variety of ways to suite your needs.


Hope that helps :-)




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2: Seeker

Hello Nabs

Many thanks for taking time to reply and the helpful links. Looks just what my Dad needs.


One point though:

Clicking  'I'll Top Up Later' tab, there's no way of stipulating Micro Sim etc when ordering but only a choice of  'one or two SIMS'


What are these SIMS...standard/Micro Sim/Nano Sim??


Any idea on that, Nabs...or anyone else who's already received these Sims?


Many thanks




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17: Community Champion

Hi @kwil

I believe it's a 3 in 1 Multi-SIM that they will send out, essentially they give you a card that can be used for any device, I've included a video with details below :-)



Hope that helps?




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2: Seeker

Hello Nabs...

Once again, many thanks for your input.

The video in particular is very helpful for showing to Dad when the time comes, though I can't for the life of me understand why Vodafone don't mention '3 in 1' Sim at the ordering stage as in my previous comment.

Equally, why not offer a link to the Sim Card 'How To' video at the same place?

Wouldn't take much to tweak that and it would be especially useful for new customers to Vodafone, don't you think?

At anyrate, all your info has cleared the way for me to buy that phone.

If only phones came 'free'!!

Now, where's that annoying little 'all-in-one' credit card, no video required??


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17: Community Champion

Hi @kwil


Completely agree! It's a very good point about the ordering page, it could be made clearer what you will actually receive so people know they are ordering the correct item. I'm sure the Vodafone team will be able to pick this up and make sure ti's fed back to the correct place.


Unfortunately, that video isn't one of Vodafone's own however it's a bit more in depth than Vodafone's (and came up first in the search ranking)
Vodafone's own video on this one is below:


Glad I could help out, if there's anything else you need don't hesitate to ask :smileyhappy:



PS I can't help with the credit card :smileywink:


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17: Community Champion


There are a few things I'd add to @Nabs's excellent advice. Firstly, that the free 3-in-1 SIM will almost certainly arrive ready set up for the Big Value Bundle, whereas what your father almost certainly needs, to begin with at any rate, is one of the excellent Freebies - see the Freebies tab on the same page. To avoid inadvertently buying a BVB at the outset, I'd suggest topping up by only £5 in the first instance, and not topping up more until you've managed to switch to an opt-in for the most appropriate Freebie - probably Freebee Minutes - where you get a bonus, available for 30 days, when you top up. The simplest way to opt in is probably via the top-up line, 2345, which you call from the phone in question.

Actually, having looked closely at the Freebies tab, most of the useful "how to" info has gone! Various searches helpfully informed me that "there is no articles relating to this label" but I eventually located this, which I think does provide the relevant information.

After something of a struggle with point one, I can now turn to point two! If you are buying the phone you have in mind via Vodafone, it will come with a suitable SIM, ready set up for a Big Value Bundle, and with the first £10 BVB already applied, in which case you are looking at switching to a Freebie once the BVB has expired.

The third point relates to the old phone and SIM. I'm not sure exactly what is happening to the old Talkmobile numbers, but no doubt your father will have been informed of what he needs to do to ensure continuity. But there is a snag with phones kept in the glove-box as an emergency back-up - unless emergencies come thick and fast, you can find, when you need it, that the SIM has been disconnected. This is an Ofcom requirement which applies to all the networks - a PAYG SIM has to be used from time to time to keep it active, or the number ends up being recycled. The rules vary from network to network, just to add to life's rich tapestry, but in a nutshell the Vodafone situation is that you have to make a chargeable action (outgoing call or text, or use some data) at very least every 270 days. It's safest to set a calendar reminder for once a quarter, so that even failing to react to the first reminder won't push you over the edge.

On a lighter note, your father might be amused by this thread.


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