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Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 update to Marshmallow - app problems

4: Newbie

An SD card in your Mac can't be formated or repaired?  Well then this isn't a vodafone problem.  The SD card is failing due to a hardware fault, and it's lucky you got it backed up in time.


I just replaced had a failed micro SD card.  It was 4 years old, and I was able to back up the data before it completely failed, like you.

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Hi @jonmad,


Thanks for keeping us updated with this.


It does appear that the issues you're experiencing means that your SD card is corrupted.


I'd advise testing a new SD card in your phone. To transfer your data over to your new SD card, you can use the back up you've created on your computer.

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2: Seeker


It's now well over a month since there was any feedback on this issue. I currently have a smart ultra 6 that is continually bugging me to upgrade to marshmellow. I'd love to (especially considering the new google assistant is only rolling out to parshmellow and later) , but I'm not prepared to unless the aux cable issue is resolved as this is a feature I use regularly.

It would be useful to have some feedback on progress if at all possible.  Has the fault been reproduced? Cause found? Fixed and awaiting deployment? Right now I know nothing other than the fact that there's a fault which looks to be firmware related, but vodafone don't seem to have pulled the firmware update from further rollouts or have a permanent fix. I hope you understand that it might appear that vodafone are hoping that this problem will simply disappear as users find ways to work around the issue.

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Hi @Ignatius


The issue is still being investigated. As soon as we've been informed of an update or a fix, we'll be letting everyone know.

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1: Seeker

Its slightly encouraging that Vodaphone are looking into it as my ultra 6 has been very close to being thrown out of the window multiple times.  The issues I experience are detailed below after marshmallow update.

1. Aux total failure

2. Google App randomly pops up

3. Google App keeps popping up even if I close it therefore rendering the phone useless

4. Part of the touch screen fails to respond, in particular the "t" or "5".

5. Home screen Burton fails to respond most of the time

6. SD card cannot be used to store apps or pictures therefore running out of memory weekly.(The only reason I upgraded was due to the feature of Marshmallow has to integrate SD card as internal memory) I don't have half the apps I had before Marshmallow.

7. Phone calls cannot be answered or ended as the touchscreen doesn't respond.

8. Randomly buzzes and minimises any open app to home screen.

9. It appears my phone is possessed as random characters and apps open and close, maybe onece or twice a week.

10. Have to reboot phone at least once a day to help with issues above.


Please can you hurry with an update so we can use the phone for the purpose we purchased it for. If you need the phone I will gladly send it to you for analysis if it helps you identify fixes sooner. You will even be helping me from throwing it our of the window. My phone is only 13 months old.


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@Jabs2k I can understand how frustrating having those issue must be. Rest assured that as soon as we've been informed of an update or a fix, we'll be letting everyone know.

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2: Seeker

Any chance of a progress report on this. I'm still holding off updating to marshmellow on 2xsmart ultra 6s because i can't afford to lose the aux functionality. 


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@Ignatius We're continuing to investigate this and will update the thread with any further information.

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3: Seeker

Have been told of a solution of sorts to the auxiliary socket problem - push the jack plug into the socket most of the way , but not so it clicks fully home - then rotate it slowly until the phone recognizes it is there and the headphone icon appears .

Then you can push it the rest of the way in . 

Not sure why , but I've tried it several times on my Smart 7 Ultra and it does seem to work .



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