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Vodafonne Smart Platinum 7 - Not Charging

2: Seeker



Ive run into a random problem tonight when I got home from work.


When Ive gone to plug in my phone to charge, its charging for less than a millisecond and then disconnecting. It then reconnects at the same rate and disconnects, making a constant flashing on my notification light and screen.


Ive tried, different sockets, different chargers [Fast and Non Fast chargers], and different USB cables, all to no avail.

There has been no software changes in the last 30 days.

There has been no apps downloaded in the last 30 days.


Im beginning to think its the phone, and if thats the case, ive had it less than a year, which is dissappointing to say the least.


Any ideas?


Bought it online via the online store, and picked up from the Barrow-In-Furness branch.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @lightningpete



Some good troubleshooting already. 


Can you check the charging port in the phone itself to ensure no lint has become lodged.


If not then I'd suggest you have the phone looked at. 


Vodafone apply a 24 month manufacturing warranty on the phones they supply. Exception is the iPhone which is 12 months. 


This warranty wouldn't cover issues from a drop or from water damage. You may want to check any visible water sensors to see if thry have turned red. You may need to google to find out where these sensors are. Sometimes they are in the sim tray slot. 


Make a back up of your information as they'll invariably software update it thus wiping the phone. 


Any Vodafone Highstreet Store can first take a look at it and if deemed necessary send it off to one of their authorised repair houses. 


Take Time / Date stamped pictures of the device to show the condition you sent it back in and one of it turned on if you can. Ask the employee to note down its current condition on their systems. 


"Also make sure when sending your device for repair that you keep hold of your SIM. You also shouldn't send your memory cards, battery and/or back cover (if they're removable) - if these are included with your phone when it goes for repair we can't guarantee their return."


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2: Seeker
Hi thanks for your reply.

Sorry if im sounding a bit thick here but "no lint has become lodged".
Are we talking just pieces stuck inside the port, like a foreign object?

Will have to save as much as I can via the web and sd card. Problem is alot of stuff is on the phone itself and harder to transfer without the usb cable (d'oh).

Ill go down to the shop today and see what they can do.

Typically how long does it take do we know for repairs?


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17: Community Champion

Hi @lightningpete


From what you have written, there is probably a fault with the USB charging port.  If you refer to the support link below, it will give the basic information needed to arrange a warranty repair.


Support - Repairs

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