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Vodaphone Smart Ultra 6 problems,help needed

2: Seeker

Hello guys,i need any kind of help with my Vodafone Smart Ultra 6.The phone is being used for 5 months,it has been in good hands.First thing that happened,during the charging(it was turned off),it showed a message like"format sd card".When i turned it on,bam,the sd card was unrecognized on smart ultra 6,on other devices,even on laptop.All of data on the card-gone.Can anyone tell me what happened or what can i do to save tha sd card?

Now on to the other thing.Power button all of the sudden is not working.Last night i was little bit using my phone,and then without any cause it cannot be locked or turned off.Additionally,3.5 mm jack can not recognize headphones(tried multiple pairs,no luck).Those 2 things happened without any explanation.The phone is really like brand new,never droped,never got wet or anything.
The biggest problem is that i am in Croatia,so i can't give it on repair probably because there are no authorized service here for Vodaphone.

Please help if you can.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @lsevo


Who supplied the phone to you ? Was it Vodafone U.K.  


The Sd card maybe corrupted especially if it isn't working in other devices.


If the phone has re formatted the Sd Card then the information on it can be wiped. 


Try turning the phone Off and On to soft reset it to see if that resolves the issues being experienced with your phone. 


If no joy create a back up to save your personal information and Factory Reset from the settings in the phone. 


If no help then it could be hardware based. 


If a network in croatia supplied the phone then approach them under any applicable manufacturing warranty. Please be aware any issues caused by a drop or water damage isn't typically covered. Appreciate you've stated this has not happened with your phone. 


If the phone was was supplied by Vodafone U.K Then you'd need to deal with it on your return to the Uk. 


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2: Seeker

The phone was provided by some acquaintance who works in Vodafone UK,but since it is a friend from a friend,it is to complicated to send it back on service in UK etc.

Ok,but is there any way i can access Sd card ever again?If it was just reformated,it would be empty but still working.In this case,it is just worthless plastic piece.

Well,i have no idea how to reset it without power button,the phone can't be turned Off or On.

Btw,thank you for your answer!


I live in Croatia,the phone was sent from UK by a friend's friend.

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17: Community Champion

Ok I Appreciate what your saying about not being convenient / possible to send the phone back to the Uk. 


When a Sd Card is placed in the phone it should mount by itself. 


Try cleaning the pins. 


Unfortunately if no device wont recognise it then it maybe corrupted. 


There are lots of help and tips via a Google Search you could try too. 


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17: Community Champion

Hi Isevo,


As your options for returning the phone to the UK for repair are limited, I would suggest you find a 3rd party repair shop locally to where you live. You will have to pay for the repair though as they will have no agreement with VodafoneUK.

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