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bush smart tv and wifi topping up

1: Seeker

i havea bush smart tv and am finding it too long too topup and buy a wifi package any ideas?????


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17: Community Champion



I can't comment on your TV as I've not used one. 


Regarding Wifi there isn't a package. Wifi is free to use when connected to Home Broadband Routef or shop outlets. 


Data allowances are in Payg Tariffs Here and Data Only SIM card information Here.


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17: Community Champion

Hi @edzzde


If you are intending to stream to your TV using a firestick, please remember the speed you will recevie from a mobile WiFi device will be limited and you need to be in an area with good 4G data coverage.


Also streaming can be highly data intensive and you would chew through quite a large allowance just streaming one small film in HD.


You would probably be better off using a home broadband connection for your streaming needs.


Please see the link below for help with adding credit to your WiFi device.


How do I buy a data pack?

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