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iphone unlock

3: Seeker

Hello everyone I bought a iphone 5s English on ebay because I moved to London for work and using the English sim for another manager had no problems, I always moved back to work in Italy bringing my iphone 5s and putting the Italian sim not the law, doing research I noticed that the phone and blocked from the network vodafone uk and reading some forums and calling the assistance apple they told me to use my phone in Italy I have to do to unlock vodafone so you can use it with any sim. how can I procerede?

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17: Community Champion



For Vodafone UK to unlock the iPhone it has to have been used on their network with a Vodafone payg sim card in it for at least 30 days.


Or with pay monthly at least 3 bills paid on time. 


Making calls, sending texts and using data to latch it's imei number to the Vodafone UK account. 


Apple wouldn't engage with you in regards to unlocking a network locked iPhone. 


If you look on the right hand side of the forum page you'll see a quick  link that leads to further information on unlocking. ie Unlocking NUC. 


If you haven't fulfilled the criteria set by Vodafone UK to unlock then you'll either need to send the iPhone to someone you know in the UK and they use it for 30 days on Vodafone UK and request the unlock using their payg Vodafone UK details or if you can't send it to the UK then consider selling it on to accumulate some cash to help pay for a phone that's either unlocked to all networks or locked to your home network. 


Or if your still able to message the seller of the iPhone on eBay ask them to request it's unlock.