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Other OS

8007045d Error

3: Seeker
Had 1020 nokia lumia for about 6 months no issues till the last few days.

Will not play back any video clips. On internet or even videos I've recorded myself. Just shows me the error code 8007945d.

Very frustrating. Asked in vodafone store yesterday, they told me to hard reset which I want to be be my last resort!!

All software is up to date so what can I try??????
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Community Champion (Retired)

Hi Kerry 


Ive had a good look around varoius nokia sites and forums and cant find this error code


Unless one of teh eforum team or someone more techncally gifted than me comes up with a better idea

you might have to backup and rest the phone


I'll keep my fingers crossed for you



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Moderator (Retired)

Hi Kerry1984,


The error message you’ve received is generic Windows error message indicating faulty phones or devices.


Whilst a hard reset can be tried, it’s more likely the phone will need repairing.


You can find repair information on here.





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