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Apple Watch 4 cellular

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Can I make calls from my Apple Watch 4 if my iPhone battery is flat




Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@gw6ivx If it's the cellular Apple Watch and it's successfully connected to your Vodafone account/services, you'll definitely be able to make calls regardless of the iPhone's state being on or off. 


At our place of work, almost everyone has had smartwatches for a long time, and I was lagging behind in this regard. But last month I went and bought this watch. Immediately struck, the reliability and performance are high. All programs in them work perfectly, a very user-friendly screen and the sensor responds remarkably. I like the speakerphone, I can calmly speak on the phone even on the street, everything is perfectly audible.



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2: Seeker

The Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular is a previous-generation smartwatch offered by Apple. It was released in September 2018 and has since been succeeded by newer models.

The key features of the Apple Watch Series 4 Cellular include:

  1. Cellular Connectivity: The Cellular version of the Apple Watch Series 4 allows you to stay connected even without your iPhone nearby. It has its own eSIM, enabling you to make and receive calls, send messages, and use data (with an appropriate data plan) directly from your watch.

  2. Larger Display: The Series 4 introduced a larger display compared to its predecessors. It has thinner bezels and a larger OLED screen, offering more space for viewing content and interacting with apps.,,,,,..........

  3. ECG (Electrocardiogram): The Apple Watch Series 4 was the first Apple Watch to feature an electrical heart sensor that enables users to take an electrocardiogram. This feature can provide insights into your heart's rhythm and potentially help identify irregular heartbeats.

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No, you cannot make calls from your Apple Watch Series 4 if your paired iPhone's battery is completely flat or turned off. The Apple Watch relies on the paired iPhone to establish a connection for making calls, sending messages, and other functions. If your iPhone's battery is dead or the device is turned off, the Apple Watch won't have the necessary connection to perform these tasks. It's important to keep your iPhone charged if you intend to use these features on your Apple Watch. Also, check out Also, check out AC Football Cases