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Apple Watch series 5

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I’ve been trying to connect my watch to my phone for over 4 weeks now with god knows how many phone calls ( with to be fare some nice people in Egypt who always want to take ownership of my problem) but with still no connection 

have now had a replacement watch sent me and yes that won’t connect either how common is this problem and can it be fixed or should I cancel all my contracts after 20 years and go with EE as I’ve been told everything works with them 

please give advice and help

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@Fivebellies We'll be happy to look into this and get that Watch connected! Please reach out to our team, using one of the contact methods detailed Here.

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Hi Josh

I am Posting here because the Subject is of interest and I hoped to gain useful information during my visit.

After a very unpleasant experience, including being completely without an Internet Connection for 11 days, switching to Vodafone. At present I only have Vodafone Broadband + Landline.

Having  just joined Vodafone I am thinking about getting kitted out with a Watch v5 and OneNumber set up on my existing iPhone XS,

At the same time also attempting to resolve a problem with iCloud eMail that popped up after the latest iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 Updates.


The Contact possibilities you have offered are the same as most other sources. Unfortunately I have spent the early part of this morning on a long Chat discussion and, due to hearing impairment, a very stressful Telephone conversation with Technical Assistance that impacted both parties. Sadly I have not made any progress with this problem.


I sent a Signed for Letter to Vodafone CEO and did not receive any response. This was followed up a series of Letters and a Document via Special Delivery to:

CEO - copy of the earlier letter

Chief Administrator - assuming the letters enclosed would be duly distributed

Sales Department - requesting confirmation of costs for the OneNumber package

Security Department - referencing concern about collection of my full PIN number within a single Chat

Transcript of Chat - with redacted PIN numbers

Technical Services - problem with nil email Security


A response was prompt eMail was received from Customer Relation and it was assumed this would progress in the same manner. My response was met by being requested to access my Complaint Portal and currently this system is being used. Unfortunately the eMail problem has been directed by the standard response routes that has described above fail to produce any result.


It seems that Vodafone are disinterested in Sales and Security, or perhaps have insufficient staff and expect the Chat System to deal with everything?


Can anyone offer useful information regarding anything mentioned with a view to making some progress? Thanks for your time and reading this, special thanks if you got this far 😎. Best wishes and Stay Safe, G 


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1. Problem with iCloud eMail that popped up after the latest iOS 13.5 and iPadOS 13.5 Updates.


2. Technical Services - problem with nil email Security


I have learned that Apple Devices and Mail will be updated vey soon due to multiple problems, with a possible significant update to v 13.5.

Further it is likely that activity in this area will be frequent possibly until the anticipated upgrade to v 14 expected in September 2020.


I have also determined that earlier versions of the affected software do not display the Warning Triangle and Exclamation Mark while they do have identical settings to later software.


No further action on the mentioned subjects will be taken until the flurry of activity, when and if it occurs, is completed.

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Hey @Gelphyn, that's quite the list of issues going on there. Thanks for the update too. I'd advise to contact our social media team here. No calls will be necessary and you can post a link to this thread, saving you from repeating yourself and we will certainly chase your complaint up. 

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That you for the very useful information.

As mentioned previously discussions are in progress via my 'complaint portal'.

The responses have been prompt and I will pursue this course of action, and fall back to follow your suggestion if necessary.

However to speed up one of enquiries, that has not elicited a response to date, I will use your link to report the following:

I notice that the OP of this Thread:

Note: Unsure of how this system works but IIRC the Title given was Setting Up Apple Watch 5 with OneNumber.

Link to this Thread 

has seemingly not made any progress with a matter with which I have most interest. I.e., setting up an Apple Watch 5 to function with his phone.

Unfortunately there is too much detail missing for it to be useful.

1. It is not possible to tell if the OP contacted anyone by using the Link.

2. The type of 'phone' involved

3. Software involvement.

In my case I want to set up an Apple Watch 5, that I will purchase outright from Apple, and connect to my SIM Only iPhone XS using Vodafone OneNumber.

I expected to find all the information within the Sales Area of the Vodafone web site, and also be able to obtain a confirmation of the costs.

Via the Chat System I determined the Costs but they were 'unable' to confirm in any written form.

I do not enter into any form of Contract without hard copy confirmation, all that is anticipated is a Starting Cost for OneNumber + Fee to use my Mobile Number [? or what ever 'number' the Chat Agent was referring to].

My hearing is severely impaired, hence I NEED written communications, and unfortunately Vodafone seem to rely heavily one voice communications.

Looking forward to making contact the Social Media Team.

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Hi again @DaneB


Following the provided Link navigated to the page that enabled me to access the Forum 'directory' first used, by me, to access the OS Forum.

Despite my best efforts I cannot find a link to the Social Media Team. I search directly for 'Social Media Team' that resulted in revealing a single entry, but not offering any progress.


Have I missed or misunderstood something? 

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Hi @Fivebellies


Please can you update on the progress with getting your Watch 5 connected?


Any input from those with Watch 5 experiences with Vodafone would be most welcome.


If Vodafone Sales read this I would like to know if the Watch 5 could be set up before delivery?

I would Sign Up to obtain an Apple Watch 5 and OneNumber Service, that would have to be setup and functional before delivery to me as part of a Purchase Plan Contract. If the System fails to function reliably it can be returned for full refund.

This would workaround the apparent problems.

Of course I would also like confirmation of the full package financial details and any other options available?

I understand that the Watch 5 would cost approximately £720.00 paid by 24 monthly instalments of around £30.00.

Also that it costs about £12.00/month for OneNumber Service, Calls, Messages and Data as per Mobile Contact.

I believe that using my own iPhone and Third Party Mobile Contract would be subject to a further Charge of about £7.00, but unsure what a Vodafone Mobile Contract would cost to replace my present Mobile Contract. The latter being Unlimited Calls and Texts + 1GB Data.

Seeing the figures stacking up for this package it will be imperative that the package works properly.


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@Gelphyn If you're looking to reach the team on Facebook, you can send us a direct message by searching 'Vodafone UK' (we'll have a blue tick next to our name).

If you're wanting to get in touch via Twitter instead, simply DM or Tweet us @VodafoneUK 

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My experiences with Facebook do not encourage me to sign up again.

Social Media is not my cup of tea and I expect to be able to communicate direct with Vodafone.

The only possible direct contact with Vodafone is through my Complaints Portal.

Direct contact with Vodafone for Account, Sales and Technical Advice etc could remove the need for a Complaints Portal.

The Complaints Portal seem to only want to deal with Financial aspects of my Account, and push everything else toward the Access Team. In reality the Access Team seem to be only web pages that fail to offer opportunity to communicate. Instead they merely echoing your advice, plus one extra suggestion to make Contact via Chat. Jumping on the Chat roundabout several times has served only to emphasise, repeatedly, that roundabouts do not make any significant progress.

It is so difficult to communicate with Vodafone that I have started to look elsewhere for a solution that will enable Watch 5, iPhone, Mobile Contract etc, to function together.

I am rapidly losing faith with Vodafone, having signed up 01 April 2020, currently on 04 June 2020 the status of my Account remains In Progress. This means I cannot view my First Bill to check the the Charge mentioned in the eMail Notification. The irony of the date is that I feel like an April Fool for signing up to Vodafone. Nothing wrong with a good AF's prank, but this is a bad joke gone gut wrenchingly sour resulting in a feeling more like a punch below the belt. 

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@Gelphyn If you intend to purchase the Watch through Apple directly and already have an iPhone then you would need to contact our sales team via 191 or live chat to add Vodafone OneNumber to your account. This costs £7.00 per month as far as I am aware. I have fed back for you that this needs to be clearer on the website.

If you don't have a social media profile, please click here to speak to our live chat team. A pop up should appear in the right bottom corner of the screen, once you've entered the information you'll be able to speak to an agent there who can clarify this information for you. 

If you signed up in April you should be able to view your first bill by now, please speak to our customer services team to also look into this through live chat, social media or 191 if possible.

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2: Seeker

Hi @Beth


Thanks for your input.

Costs have made me reconsider the purchase and I am on course to purchase from EE.

Thanks for your time, best wishes, S



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