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Can't send text messages on NOKIA LUMIA 635

2: Seeker
I have this problem since I bought it Vodafone Phone NOKIA LUMIA 635, Nov 2014, I travel overseas,use a lot of Texts. tried Vodafone CHATLINE,No Joy. Called International to Vodafone UK.- No Joy Left QUERY Email messages- still waiting reply. Tried: Clear Phone,Reset Default - No Joy Phone update - No Joy. Push OFF Button + Volume Down button - no joy Given up now. Sadly - No Fix. Looking at returning Mobile phone,Now
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi @Charlierus


Is the issue only happening with certain numbers or all mobile numbers?


Please take a look here – Nokia Lumia 635 support – for how to make sure you’ve got the correct settings for text messages.





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2: Seeker

Nokia 635 was loaded/setup up by Vodafone Shop.

Used online, Nokia 635 Setup ( Serveral times/ Default settings too) on Vodafone website - NO NO Joy.

No replys from Multipy QUERY EMAILS Message to Vodafone.( Does Vodafone Care ?)

So The Phone is not working correctly.

Not a Happy Customer with a Faulty Phone.

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