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Connecting Honor 10 lite phone to the internet

2: Seeker

I own an Honor 10 lite phone. When I go through the procedure to connect it to Vodafone's internet service the first question it asks me is the make of my phone. Honor does not appear on the menu of options which Vodafone provides. I know that Honor is made by Huawei. Is there a Huawei equivalent model that I need to enter? 


Any advice on how to get past this stage?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @milco 


You enter the same settings as Huawei, the APN will depend on if you are PAYG or pay monthly.


Text WEB to 40127, you will then receive a text to download the APN settings.

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2: Seeker

Hi Ann,

I followed the 25 steps in the 'set up your phone for the internet' menu, entering Huawei P10 lite as my phone instead of my Honor 10 lite (which doesn't appear anywhere on the menu), but still have no connection.


My APN settings are now:

Name: Vodafone Internet


Username: wap

Password: [inputted correctly]

MCC: 234

MNC: 15

APN type: default

Authentication type: None


Any idea where I am going wrong? As soon as I go out of the house and am out of wi-fi range it all just goes disappointingly dead. 





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