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Connecting Vodafone 354 to PC

2: Seeker

I have a 2011 Vodafone 354 mobile. I want to connect it to my PC to transfer files.

I connect the device to the USB port and select the 'Mass Storage' option on the phone.

Upon inspection of the computer's file manager (Windows 8.1), the USB Mass Storage device is shown. It also appears in Device Manager and Disk Manager.

However, the properties of the device show it takes up 0 bytes and double clicking on the device gives the error message:
"Please insert a disc into Removable Disk (X: )."

I have tried reassigning the device's letter (to Z, E, etc.), connecting the device to multiple USB ports, restarting both devices, connecting the phone to a Windows 7 computer, connecting the phone to a Windows XP virtual machine with USB passthrough... all with the same result.


Is there something I can do to allow the devices to interface?


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17: Community Champion

Hi @howdoIconnectmy 


I can only direct you to this link:  Vodafone 354 Device Guides


Try clearing all cookies and PC cache before trying again. 


If you continue to have problems it may be connected to software compatability with Window 8.1 and XP. I am sure the phone is made by Alcatel and they may be able to help:  Alcatel Support

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2: Seeker

Yes, I have been through the device guide. This offers no advice on troubleshooting this problem, only the steps to connect to said computer.
I will have to consult Alcatel but I suspect it is a driver issue with ancient, long-forgotten Alcatel drivers.

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17: Community Champion

I've had a quick look at the device guide and this appears to be an internet-enabled device.   One workround would be to set up email on the phone (if it isn't already) and email the files to yourself as attachments.   If there are a lot, it may be necessary to do it in batches.   If these can be sent, simply pick the messages up on your pc and save the attachments.

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