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Found a Vodafone Nokia 635 in Belfast - trying to track down owner

1: Seeker

Found yesterday morning on Great Victoria Street. It's locked with a password, but I have the IMEI number and of course the sim card. It's been on since I found it but I've not had any calls or messages yet. I'd turn it into police but I suspect they have more important things to do and I'd really like to get it back to its owner. :Smiling:






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17: Community Champion

You could take it into a Vodafone shop if there's one handy.  If it's a contract phone, or the owner has registered it, it may be possible to contact them.  Otherwise, I'd go to the Police with it.  If it was my phone, that's the first place I'd look to see if it's been handed in.

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Community Champion (Retired)

Remember the find my phone feature will be active and the owner may be looking for it, so keep it on but drop it in to either the police or a voda store 


Note I do not work for voda, My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own


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