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GUIDE - How to set up your Vodafone data services

14: Advanced member

How to set up your Windows smartphone to Vodafone data services


Getting your Windows Phone device online can be a challenge when it comes to putting the settings in manually but don’t worry, the guide below will help you get up and running on the mobile web in no time.


Finding where to insert the settings

Setting up new APN settings isn’t particularly common so the area we need to work on is buried a little deeper in the handset than other settings.

Starting from the home screen of your handset:

Tap the arrow right in the top corner of the handset to access the main menu and press Settings. Select mobile network and then add apn.


Adding the settings to the handset

The first stage of the setup is to enable your internet connection, fill in the settings below to get setup. 

Name - Vodafone Internet

(also tick the box that says "make this my current APN")

APN - internet (PAYG -

Proxy & Proxy Port - Please leave blank

Username - web

Password - web


The second stage of the configuration is to get your Multimedia messaging configured, fill in the settings below to get up and running. You can find this by continuing to scroll down the page of settings. 


MMS Access Point Name - internet (PAYG -

Proxy address -

Proxy Port - 8799

Username, Password - Please leave blank

MMSC Address -

Tap save (small button with a Disk icon at the bottom)

Press the confirm icon.

Press the Home key to return to standby mode.


That’s it, you're set up and activated. Give the browser a test to see if everything’s up and running, you should be able to load a web page if things have been set up correctly.

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1: Seeker
How abt iPad mini setting?
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Moderator (Retired)

Hi laolaii


You can find information around settings, as well as hints and tips to get the most from your device here.





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2: Seeker
Does this work with all mobiles?
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17: Community Champion

The basic principles are the same, but the matter of getting to the settings will be different depending on what operating system you have.


In theory, you can get the correct settings sent to you device by texting WEB to 40127, but some people have suggested this doesn't always work.  That may be because the handset isn't supported by Vodafone, but it may also be that the device has received the configuration and installed it silently itself.  I haven't used Windows Phone, but I've seen it suggested that it does it that way.


Android devices now have a "get settings" option under Mobile Data in settings.   This pulls the APNs down, installs them and deletes any irrelevant ones.


I don't know about iPhones, but it's possible that settings are part of the registration process through iTunes.

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