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Galaxy watch mobile connection

3: Seeker

Hi I received my new Galaxy Watch yesterday and have been trying to activate it on the mobile network. I have been successfully set up on onenumber today and everything looks correct but when I try and add the mobile settings in the Galaxy Wear app it let's me sign in but then say I have reached my device limit on this number and need to delete a subscription before adding another.


I phoned today and have been told everything looks ok but it still wont connect. I have also tried resetting my phone, watch repairing etc multiple times but with no joy. I think I that the onenumber needs to be re provisioned but customer support don't seem to want to try that. Can anyone help?



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4: Newbie

Would you be able to sign in into your one number account ? If yes, then you need to deactivate the esim subscription there and then add again and enter Watch E ID which is a long number.

After that hopefully it will works fine.

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3: Seeker

I can sign in and see the subscription but when I hit cancel it says only customer services can cancel it. I have asked them to do this but they seem reluctant and insist it is something else. I'll try them again today. Thanks

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3: Seeker

I just wanted to add that I have the exact same isssue.


I ordered mine on Tuesday and received it yesterday. I'm getting the exact same message. When I contacted customer services via chat yesterday they didn't seem to know what they were doing. Their first response was to try sending me the steps on how to set up an Apple Watch. I had to point out that I didn't have an Apple Watch and that I knew how to set the watch up. Then they decided to look at my account.


They said it was because it was still showing as "Yet to be delivered". They said I would have to wait for their systems to update and then I would be able to set it up without having this issue. I asked how long that would take and they said it would be "within 24 hours".


As of this moment I still have the same issue and will be contacting them again later today. If they don't fix it then I'm within my 14 days so I'll just cancel the contract and return the watch.

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3: Seeker

Is yours resolved yet?


I've had kind of a nightmare with various chat agents telling me different things. Yesterday I had them telling me I had reached my device limit as I had three devices on my account already which was my limit - this wasn't true I had 2 and the watch itself would make 3. They wouldn't listen so I lost patience and took it to my local store to return it.


However, they were more helpful there - the woman who dealt with me said no, I have two devices currently and my order was still showing as open and this would be why it wasn't working. She submitted a form while I was there which was a request to complete the order (which she had to do either way as if I was going to return it they couldn't do it without first completing the order). She said I would probably find once that was done it would actually work but I could still return it if I wanted.


So, cut to today and I no longer get the device limit message - now I get a page stating it will be £7 a month and a "Continue to payment page" button


So I contact them again via chat and spent 50 minutes trying to explain what was going on. Eventually the agent claimed to have refreshed my services but I needed to 1) Remove my sim from my phone for 20 minutes then put it back in again and then 2) Uninstall and reinstall the Galaxy Wearable App.


I did question this but he insisted the changed wouldn't take effect unless I did this. I'll update in 20 minutes I guess....

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3: Seeker

I haven't fared much better tbh I'm sort of stuck in limbo as they have removed the watch from one number and it's apparently being cancelled so they can add it again but this seems to be taking days. I still get the message about maximum devices per contract and my esim is not in onenumber. I'm supposed to be getting a call back at 4pm today so we'll see what they say then, if they even call me as they've said this before and not done it.

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3: Seeker

It's kind of ridiculous at this point. I've just spent the best part of two hours in an online chat. They took the EID number for the watch to try to add it at their end and had me turning off my phone again for ten minutes.  They've had me reinstalling the Vodafone app and the Galaxy Wearable app.


Eventually once I'd done all that the agent must have done soemthing on his end and replaced the order as I got a text about a new order. He insists that it is linked properly this time and when the order completes - in the next 40 minutes to 24 hours! - it will be working this time, for definite, 100%, pinky swear.


I'm currently seeing a message saying they can't currently retrive my OneNumber order information which may just be because the order isn't complete...


We'll see...

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It sounds like we're in the middle of working on a fix for both your watches @kenny12321 @robbiesp!

Please do keep us updated on how things go and if you do need any assistance, our team can help when sending us a message on Facebook or Twitter @VodafoneUK.

All you'll need to do if you contact us is include your Community username and link to your post, which should then save you some time as you won't need to repeat yourself.

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3: Seeker

Nope no fix. I've ended up making this complaint:


On Tuesday 20th August I ordered a Samsung Galaxy Watch via your webchat. I enquired about the cost as £25 a month for two years in addition to £7 a month for OneNumber seemed quite steep for a £300 watch (The cost of the watch then would be £600 over the two years plus the £7 a month OneNumber charge). I was explicity told and I have the chat logs that this was not the case - the £25 a month included the £7 a month OneNumber fee.

So I went ahead and ordered the watch and it arrived the next day. Since then I've had a nightmare with customer services. When I set the watch up and went through the process to connect it to the network I got an error message stating that I had reached my max limit for devices on my contract.


I contacted webchat again on the 21st August about this issue - After initially trying to link me to instructions on how to set up an Apple Watch??? I was then informed that the order was still showing on my account as yet to be delivered. Once the system was updated and the order was complete I would no longer get this error - I was told it should be resolved within 24 hours.


So on Thursday 22nd August I tried again and had the same error. So again I contacted customer services - this time I was informed that I already had three devices on my account which was my limit - I have 1 phone and 1 tablet - the watch itself would have been the third device but that wasn't there. I was told I would have to wait until September to resolve this????


So at that point I became frustrated. I got a bit annoyed and said I wanted to cancel and I would return the watch. Pointing out I didn't have three devices already as the watch itself would be the third device. I was told to call 191 to cancel which I did. The woman I spoke to said I could return it to a Vodafone store which would be quickest and they would process the cancellation in the store. So I went to my local Vodafone store.


The woman who dealt with me there was unable to even see the watch on my account at first and even said herself she could see two devices on my account - my phone and my tablet. She was then able to see that the order for the watch was still open (something the advisor on Wednesday 21st August had told me). She said she couldn't even process a return yet as the order wasn't completed - she said she would complete and submit a form requesting the order be completed - she said I might find that the problem is resolved once the order was closed but I could always return it if I still wanted to once the order was closed off - so I returned home with the watch unable to even return it.


So cut to Friday 23rd August - the device limit error was gone, however it was now replaced with a screen wanting me to subscribe to OneNumber for £7 a month, something I had explicity been told before I went ahead with the order was included in the £25 a month fee. So again I contacted you via webchat


I was again explicity told that I did not have to pay £7, twice by this advisor who had also apparently consulted with their manager (again I have the chat logs showing all this). They then transferred me to I think the technical team. I'm sure if Vodafone look at the chat logs you can actually see my frustration in my responses but they informed me:

"Good news I've successfully refreshed the services & done the necessary updating on the account,
Please just remove the SIM from your phone for next 15-20 min & Insert it again. Uninstall the app and install it again using mobile data after that it will will not give option of the payment of £7" - I was skeptical to say the least but I did as requested. In news that I'm sure will shock nobody - this didn't work.


So again I went back on webchat - I requested the advisor have a look at the previous chat logs since wednesday to get up to speed, which they did (or at least said they did). They again transferred me to technical.


This time the advisor took the EID number for the watch (presumably to try to add it themselves from their end). He wrote a list of steps to take which you'll see on the chat logs but it just ended up taking me back to the screen asking me to subscribe for £7 a month. The advisor tried adding the EID again then had me turn my phone off for 10 minutes and competely reset my watch before trying again???? - at least this time they stayed on the chat which at least meant I wouldn't have to start all over again in ten minutes with a new advisor.


Ten minutes later and I'm not really sure what went on at this point. I set up the watch yet again. I asked the advisor if I should try to connect the watch again and he said to go through the normal process. At this point I got a text message about another Vodafone order - I asked the advisor and they said just ignore it - I'm guessing he removed the previous order and placed it again?


Nothing was said for a few minutes so I asked if I should be doing anything or if they were doing something, to which they replied:


"Advisor: Let me check is the order complete.
Advisor: Great!

You have successfully linked the watch with the phone.

Now you will receive one more text to confirm its complete and you can use the services."


This confused me as I hadn't done anything other than the initial setup on the watch. The advisor insisted they had done everything correctly this time and to wait for a text telling me the order was complete and it would work. It would take minimum 40 minutes - maximum 24 hours.


I tried throughout the evening yesterday to connect only this time I was getting an error saying that "we were unable to retrieve your OneNumber order" and to try again later.


So cut to today 24/08/19 and now I'm back to getting the maximum device limit reached error. This evening however when I tried again I was back this time to getting the subscription for £7 a month page. So once agian I contacted webchat (I'm a sadist what can I say).


The intial advsor once again transferred me to technical. This time I was informed that OneNumber was not set up on my account and that they would escalate this to your dedicated team - so many dedicated teams, all completely unable to get it right.


I questioned what they were saying as I could see in MyVodafone that OneNumber was there and online on the web that my plan even stated Vodafone OneNumber Plan. They again did more checks.


I was then asked where I purchased the watch - I informed them that I had ordered it from Vodafone via webchat on Tuesday 20/08/19. They said they couldn't see any order, they could see the chat log for it but no order on my account.


I provided them with the order number from my order then remembered that on Friday 23/08/19 the advisor had replaced the order and I had received a text with a new order number which I also provided.


At this point the advisor came back and told me that in fact it is £25 a month for the watch + £7 a month for OneNumber. This annoyed me greatly and I questioned why I had been misssold this watch then and also why no other advisor in four days had said this to me.


The advisor stated "This is the charge" and informed me that you also have yet another dedicated team - a third line technical team especially for Samsung Watch (amazing!).


To which I informed them "You: Nope. Forget it, I'll be making a complaint and cancelling the watch and returning it."





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@kenny12321 I'm sorry to hear that you're still experiencing issues with your Watch! Did you contact our team through Facebook or Twitter? If you haven't, we can take a closer look into your account for you to get your Galaxy Watch up and running.

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