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International SMS cannot send but can receive

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I have an Google Pixel 3 in Australia (purchased from Vodafone) and I'm trying to send SMS to my boyfriend's Samsung in Canada. I can receive all of the messages he sends, but anytime I try to reply, a message comes up that says "Not sent" and he recevies nothing, obviously. I have put the phone number with the area code in every single way possible and always get the same result. 

I CAN text other friends in Canada with no problems and some of them are on the same network that he belongs to. 

I went to a Vodafone store in Australia and the employee refused to help me and just told me to "try to put the phone number in differently" but I have already done that several times since February when I bought the phone. He didn't offer to look at the phone or give me a number for tech support, so I'm hoping someone here can help me.  


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

This is the forum specifically for Vodafone UK customers @cheneykatrina 


The Vodafone Networks in different countries are not linked and as such the Vodafone Social Media Teams here can only assist with UK Customers.


I would suggest to create a post on your own Vodafone countries forum.


That said looking from a Google Search the Australian Vodafone Network may have closed down their forum and have moved everything to Social Media.


So You might be helped if you contact them via Facebook and Twitter  


In the interim are you able to try your sim card in another phone as a process of elimination and just double check in your myvodafone that no relevant bars have been applied. 


Also check that your phone and the other persons phone hasn't had any of the mobile numbers added to any blocking feature. 



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Hi @cheneykatrina,

As you haven't mentioned it yet, I wonder if you've added the country code in front of their phone number?


So a number which is normally, 

07123 456789 will be replacing the "0" with:

+447123 456789 for UK

+1 for Canada


Hope this helps!