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Other OS

Issue with routing table? Cannot connect to EVE Online.

2: Seeker

Since about lunch time yesterday 07/09/2018 i have not been able to connect to the eve online tranquility server, my friends who are on various other internet service providers are all able to connect with no problem.  i have contacted the game developer ccp and they can not find an issue with there servers, has anyone got any ideas??

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I'm sorry to hear there's a problem accessing this site @Russwaite. So we can look into this, please provide the URL page you're unable to access and we'll be in touch.

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1: Seeker

If you are having the issue with the connection of the EVE online then you have to update the oddessy of the EVE and also check the integration issue with the CCP. After this, again the issue will remain the same then try to reset the bios of the Windows and reconfigure the routing table. Dell bios update is there to help with the further process.

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1: Seeker

I have also faced the same problem, I will recommend going to geek squad for resolving this issue.

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