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Java error

4: Newbie

I'm trying to sort out the fact that Vodafone have cocked up takng my data money yet again but when I enter the security code or press some other options I get a java error message similar to the following :- says:


ADF_FACES-60097:FOr more information, please see the server's error log for an entry
beginning with ADF_FACES-60096:Server Exception during PPR, #172


so I can do nothing to sort out my account.

I've tried three different browsers - all give the same error message.

Any ideas, please? 



4: Newbie

I've had an email saying that someone has reponded, but can't see a reply on the forum - so I'm not ignoring you 🙂

Same issue here (so you are not alone).


@Vodafone, I've looked into the error message and you can find the support site here:


The Key Entries:

ADF_FACES-60097: For more information, please see the server's error log for an entry beginning with: {0}

Cause: An exception was thrown durring a PPR request.
Action: Please look in the servers error log for more details on this error.
ADF_FACES-60096: Server Exception during PPR, #{0}
Cause: An exception was thrown durring a PPR request.
Action: Contact Oracle Support Services.

Level: 1



Thanks for the confirmation that it's not just me...


Community Manager
Community Manager

@amun and @Xantius - We can take a look into this for you.

Please send us your details by following the instructions in this private message.

@Gemma - thatnks for your private message, but it doesn't say what information you want from me, only how to submit it. 

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

@amun have you clicked the word 'Here' in the Private message? 

Yes, I did. The text starts "Click here and enter your information." but, as I said before, it doesn't say what information that you want. You already have all the information, as I posted the exact error message right at the start of the thread.

@amun the additional information they are looking for is your contact details (phone number, etc.). Then someone will phone you and you can walk them through the error all over again.


Oh for god's sake - it's a java error on a WIndows platform - nothing whatsoever to do with my phone.

I've sorted out the payment for the data side by calling a number, so I don't have time for all this nonsense.