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MMS settings

4: Newbie

I am having trouble with the MMS settings on my new Nokia 930. I am on a monthly contract.


I have collected the phone today and had a new SIM fitted and swapped over from my old handset by the local VF store. I have received a txt message to say that revised settings will be sent to me, but nothing has. I have txt "web" to the number suggested on this site, again I have received the confirmation message but no settings have been sent. Finally I followed the procedures on this help site and sent my number to the relevant link.

Again I received the confirmation message but have not received any configuration settings so far.

Is there normally such a delay between the two events?

I should get MMS with my contract, I certainly got it with my old handset (Samsung S4), but I do not seem to be able to get it with this handset.

I have switched the phone off and on several times during the day but no success.

Any ideas????

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Community Champion (Retired)

Get your internet (GPRS) and picture messaging (MMS) settings by text.

Text web to 40127

We will send the settings directly to your phone - you may need to accept or install them to make them active.


Note I do not work for voda, My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own


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4: Newbie

Many thanks for the response but...." I have txt "web" to the number suggested on this site, again I have received the confirmation message but no settings have been sent." as I said in my original posting. I've got three messages from VF, each telling me that they will text the configuration settings through "shortly", but these were all over 6 hours ago.

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17: Community Champion

On some devices, the settings come through silently and install in the background.  I'm not totally familiar with the Windows Phone menu layout, but there should be a section for the APNs.  Have a look and make sure the appropriate one is there and set as the default.  If not, you can enter them manually - details here.


If the device came from Vodafone, though, I was under the impression that the settings were already installed, so it could be that MMS isn't provisioned on your account.   Live Chat can sometimes do this (specifcally ask for "provisioning") but if not, post back here and the Tech Team will be able to have a look.

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4: Newbie

I am rapidly forming several conclusions brought about by this matter.


1. That nobody in VF is in any way qualified to offer any advice or guidance with regard to Windows phones,


2. That the custoner service is just about as poor as it can possibly get and I am surprised that the company continues to trade


3. That I will shortly be parting company with Vf when y contract is up for renewal next month.


4. That I have lost a day of my life messing about with settings on my new mobile phone that should have worked straight out of the box!


I have still had no "second" text to provide me with the correct configuration settings. This is despite two texts to the suggested number and one completion of the relevant page on the website. I have received three confirmation messages but no follow-up. I can only conclude that this system either doesn't work at all, that it doesn't work for Nokia phones, or it doesn't work for the Windows OS.


I contacted - as suggested - a live chat representative. He was able to confirm that MMS was "provisioned" on my account. Something I was able to assume myself as I was able to send and receive MMS messages on my old phone - but Hey, it doesn't hurt to check right?


He put me through - without an explanation so I had to go through everything again - to an extremely unhelpful female who simply asked me to disconnect my wi-fi and then try sending another MMS message. If that didn't work I was to call 191 and choose option 2.


No prizes for guessing that it DIDN'T work so I tried the 191 option, only to end up with a recorded message referring me to the online help, which led me back to where I started.


So I then tried 191 again until I actually ended up speaking to someone who sent me two txt messages for me to copy the details from. I have done this but can't even connect to the internet now so I'm worse off than when I started.


And I GIVE UP. Bye-Bye Vodafone.


Has ANYONE got a Nokia Lumia 930 on which they can access the internet and send and receive MMS?

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Moderator (Retired)

Hi @chrisb_05,


So that we can look into this further, see here for how to get in touch.

We aim to reply to emails within 48 hours. If you need a quicker response, please visit our Contact Us page.




Matt B

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