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MPs line rental charge

2: Seeker


Yesterday, I transferred my account to pay monthly (12 months) and today I saw on my pill a charge for the rental charge and my bill gets double now. I was existing customer and I cancelled my contract on August to pay as you go; now I turned again to pay monthly account. 

I did my transfer via phone and no one mentioned I will be charged for this. 

Can I cancel this charge?



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17: Community Champion



If you have only just changed to pay monthly, where your first bill is concerned, it will be more than expected.  This is due to pro rata charging to bring you in line with your billing date and being charged part of a month, plus one full months line rental in advance.  The following months bill will be for the normal monthly charge.


The first thing to do is to check the dates you have been charged, you will probably see something like incl pro rata with the extra days charging.  There is further information on this to help below.


When will I get my first bill and how much will it be?



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