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Nokia 220

2: Seeker

just a quick one i hope!


One of my users has a back up off thier contacts on Nokia PC Suit from a previous handset (6303i) they have recently bought a Nokia 220 and can not get the handset to connect to PC Suit for the contacts to be transfered.


Is there a nack to this or is this the way the new handsets are (which is going to cause all sorts of issues)


in that case how do we get the contacts from pc suit to the 220? The handset has been lost so there is no chance of getting that old handset back?


regards Mike 

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17: Community Champion

Right.   The answer to your main question is "no", I'm afraid.   However, there is (or should be) an option to export contacts from PC Suite and I found this on a Nokia forum:


- Please upgrade to Nokia Suite 3.7.22 which latest Nokia Suite version

- Then go to Contacts view in Nokia Suite, you can see there contacts, what you have

- Select all contacts what you have

- Go to File menu and from there select Export Contacts

- You will be asked, to which folder your contacts will be saved

- After this, your contacts are saved as individual vCard files to selected folder


That gets you a series of vCard files which you'll need to import into something else if you want to create a comma-separate (csv) file.  A Google account or Outlook would do it.  You then re-export in csv format from there.  At least that'll just be one file.


All this is only worthwhile if there's an import function on the 220, which I don't know, I'm afraid.   The only other way would be to get the contacts in a form you can view and then enter them manually on the 220. :smileysad:


Personally, I'd never rely on a proprietary file format for backup as you'll always run into the "unsupported" issue at some point.   csv is the lingua franca of data interchange.

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2: Seeker

hi thanks for the reply 

going forwards with the 220 etc is it an easy transformation to get the contacts from one device to another?


this situation is different as she has lost the old handset so this does put anoher spanner in the works.


appreaited the reply :Smiling:

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17: Community Champion

It all rather depends on whether the 220 has an import option for contacts.   If it does, you may be able to connect is by usb cable to a pc and then simply transfer the exported file/s across using the device as external storage.  Alternative, if there's an email client on the new phone, you can email the file as an attachment and save it from there.


I'd recommend going to the Nokia website and downloading the full manual as this should have the information about importing contacts and possibly other helpful stuff as well.


If there isn't an option, then, as I said before, it'll be a mattter of getting them in a form you can read and entering them manually.

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