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Nokia 2630 SIM not working in Nokia 113

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I have a Nokia 2630 with Vodafone Pay as You Go.


I purchased a new Nokia 113 and the store put the SIM in it from my Nokia 2630 and said it would work.  It doesn’t.


The new Nokia 113 shows everything as being empty.  The Nokia 2630 shows the messages only.


I have always had some difficulty in knowing what is on the phone and what is on the SIM


I have read horrendous stories of people overwriting things and losing things when changing phones and I do not want to do that as all of the messages on the 2630 are very important.


Can anyone help please with what to do to be able to use the 113?


Is there any way I can copy the messages on the 2630 to permanent storage to be sure to keep them?




Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hi pinkcloud,


It sounds as though your texts have been stored on the Nokia 2630 itself rather than the SIM.


It’s possible to transfer all your important data from one phone to the other.


You’ll need the Nokia Suite, which you can download here.


Once it’s installed, there’s a help guide that’ll give you more information.





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Thanks for your reply and that is a great help.


How would I save my messages as I want to with that phone please?


While trying to search for info on that phone I keep being told that Samsungs are much better.  Are they?


I have always used Nokia and never thought of anything else.


Thanks for help.


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Community Champion (Retired)

Horses for corses

Windows phone 8.1 can be set to back up sms messages to microsoft servers and will then automatically recover them if you log into a new or reset  windows phone with the same windows acount

You can specify the recovery period etc


At the moment you cant see the online back up but it is there and will recover when needed


Note I do not work for voda, My advice comes from experience and my opinions are my own


Thanks for your reply but sorry I am a learner and do not understand it.


I would only change to a smartphone if it had the facility to save my messages on to some kind of permanent storage on my PC which had caused me so much grief this time with the important messages on the 2630. Otherwise I only send a few texts and make the odd urgent phone call.


Secondly, I have always had a Nokia but would I be better to change to a Samsung?



Hi pinkcloud,


It’s not possible to save your texts directly to a PC.


As SynthFG has mentioned, there’s a setting which will save all the texts to Microsoft’s servers.


If you reset your phone, once set up is complete, your backed up texts will be restored to your phone.


Personally, I’m happy with my Lumia 920, but realise there’s a vast choice of smartphones available.


You can see our full range of phones here.


I’m sure our knowledgeable community will be happy to give feedback for the features and benefits of the different handsets.





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17: Community Champion

@DaveCD wrote:

Hi pinkcloud,


You can also visit your local store where the team will be able transfer these messages on to a USB stick (which you can pick up for a small fee if you haven't already got one) using the RED Box



That's useful to know.   I hadn't realised they could do that.