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Nokia Lumia 520 MMS problem

2: Seeker

Just adding to the horror stories from others who are suffering at the hands of Vodafone and the Nokia Lumia.  Neither my 520 or my wifes 635 will send MMS messages.  I have tried everything. Spoken to Tech support several times and been into my local shop.  The suggested solutions vary but are completely useless.  I don't think Vodafone have a clue what the problem is and from my perspective they have fobbed me off with all sorts of stories just to get rid of me.  I can see from various internet threads that this is a common problem and various solutions have been suggested but I can't find one that works.  The best bit from vodafone is when they tell you to download an application from the market place (Android terminology) which does not exist in the 'Store'.  Also, you can get APN settings for which there are no fields in the APN!!  Is there anyone out there who definitely has a fix?

Update:  I now realise that my phone did at, one time, send MMS messages ( I don't send a lot) and this was before the Lumia Cyan update. When the phone updated to Cyan there was a lot of disruption - losing navigation language files for example - and I believe that this was when I lost my MMS messaging.  Can anyone confirm this?

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16: Advanced member

Hi @makem53


Please text ‘web’ to 40127 to receive the settings through to your phone.


If this doesn’t work, we’ll need to send it to our repair centre, so they can check your phone.





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