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Nokia Lumina 1020

2: Seeker
Hi guys , my partner has a alumina 1020 since June.. out of the blue it started to fail to receive incoming calls.. Voda did over the phone setting changes worked for a week then started failing again.. Changed Sim to new SIM via Voda store and even sent away for 1 week to have it fixed.. returned with system update and a full service what ever this means for a 4month old phone.. It's started again my partner is distraught we both work for the emergency services and our phones are a big part of our job but she is failing to receive calls even from other Voda users.. it says unavailable or unable to connect even when it shows full reception bars. My phone HTC M8 No probs. Can she change phone continue with contract and swap her phone or were do we stand with this poor service from Voda...
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16: Advanced member

Hi there

If you are experiencing network issues, the first thing to do is go through the steps in the Network Troubleshooting Guide.

If these steps don't sort out the problem, please could you post the template with your results back here so that the eForum Team can investigate the issue for you.


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